The December Full Moon will be the last one of the year. It is equally the fist full Moon of the natural year – of the rising half of the year, now that we have traversed the threshold of the winter solstice and the days begin to lengthen once again in the eternal cycle of nature.

This ritual night is known as Datta Jayanti, It means the birthday of lord Dattatreya. He is the Guru of the Tantrics and the grand master of awareness and healing trance.

This is a time
honored night kept by Tantrics
for strong ritual explorations of consciousness.

Dattatreya is he who is full of compassion and fully Loving. He is so unified in all levels of being that there are no distinctions in his awareness. This is indeed a teaching of Wisdom for all humans.

Dattatreya is  shown with 3 heads, these heads are the trinity of the energies of creation, preservation and destruction, Dattatreya brings them all together. 

These energies are known as the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shivji. Dattatreya is the Tantric of the secrets of time, space and matter. Dattatreya is the exemplary Guru of the Tantrics and the Nath Yogins. It is said that he was the first Aghori who founded the line of Aghori left handed Varmamaga practices. 

In his numerous timeless wanderings, Dattatreya is said to have passed by 24 Tantrics but never had a Guru himself. The number 24 bears a great significance to Tantrics. The 24 incarnations of Vishnu are implied here, they are cyclic occupancies as well as archetypal astro celestial occurrences in the rhythm of the universe. Datttatreya observes all the movements as his travels are so far and wide, not just to the corners of the world, but beyond the edges of awareness does he roam.

Stories tell that Dattatreya wandered the earth as an Avadhut. He was a natural Tantric. The Avadhut is the one who has merged duality – often defined as someone outside of measurable convention and normal social standards. One who roams in places of no border or definition.

The left hand path is the path of the Heart. 
The path that melts the structures
to make way for the Avudhut that lives in each soul,
deep within the soul,
free of time and space and all constraints.

This is a time honored night kept by Tantrics for strong ritual explorations of consciousness. Dattatreya is then free wanderer in the wilderness of the 4 directions, these are both inner and outer directions. Physical and psychic directions come together in his wanderings. Indeed Dattatreya brings them together. Dattatreya brings all things together – The legendary Tantric. His Love and compassion is Legendary.  Love is the absence of borders between absolutely everything.  The Tantric practitioner studies the very borders of being and perhaps coming to realise that in Reality, there are none.


Dattatreya has the wisdom of the North, which is up.
He has the wisdom of the South, which is down.
He has the wisdom of the East, which is in front.
He has the wisdom of the West, which is behind. These four directions align to the four states of being that Tantra works with.

1. Jagrat – awake
2. Supna – dream
3. Sushupti – unconscious 
4. Turya – state of unification of the above 3

These states of being are a deep concern of the Tantric practitioner. When the first 3 states are studied, known and united – then the 4th state of Turya appears. This is sometimes felt in the trance that appears where all things merge. 

This trance like state often appears when doing Tantric practices. It is a place where traumatic structures and codes of information in the nervous system are healed.

Four wild dogs always surround Dattatreya wherever he roams. They represent the 4 states of consciousness listed above. The Mother cow is also always there with Dattatreya – She is Turyatita which is the 5th state of consciousness even beyond Turya.

Turyatita is a mystical state, not to be reduced to a concept that can be understand or read about. It is a state of being to be pondered deeply. It is Magic.


On this ritual night we will work under the last full Moon of the year – with the Guru of the Tantrics that is Dattatreya.  This will be the 4th and final installment in the Teacher of Wisdom Series. Dattatreya is he who wanders the four directions – followed by four wild dogs and the Mother Cow wherever he goes. 

This ritual will engage us in the practices of the directions, whilst honouring the dog and cow Mudras. Dattatreya is the grand Aghori Guru who dissolves the borders that separate the various states of awareness. Dattatreya is the spirit of Yog who unifies all separation unto the great Wisdom.

On this ritual night, we shall engage in Pargal Karana – this translates as the practices of madness. They are Tantric Mudras that shake up the divisions between the various states of consciousness and open doorways in the nervous system and routes of awareness that may hitherto have been out of bounds.

When the secret and magical avenues of awareness are traversed then we enter into the Avudhut state of being that is beyond constructs – a place of cosmic uninhibited awareness. Being a Purnima ritual, (Full Moon) we shall work with the Chandra Parampara sequence of Moon Mudras, these open the system profoundly on both physical and psychic levels.

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