Jupiter in Aquarious
The Grand Shift of the Unconscious

Moonlight, starlight
Insight, out of sight
Something’s certain
Draw the curtains, draw them!

Echo and the Bunnymen – Satellite

Brhaspati (Jupiter) transits into Kumbh (Aquarius) on tonight’s darkening Bhairav Astami (Half Descending Moon). Jupiter will leave its debilitation point in Capricorn as it moves through its 12 year cycle across the zodiac. Jupiter is on its way to moving into Aquarius where it is said to be exulted. This represents a major shift.

Jupiter takes 12 years to complete a cycle through the zodiac. If you think back to the last time that Jupiter transitioned into Aquarius 12 years ago and what was happening within you in that year of your life, then you might get a sense of this energy constellation.

Jupiter in Aquarius
brings great outburst
and pouring forth
of emotion
from the human vessel
that we are.

The unconscious part of the mind is what erupts from the vessel carried by Aquarius when Jupiter enters. Jupiter is the grand expansive mind. It is to be remembered that he is the Guru of the celestial Deva’s. He is known as Brhaspati, or simply Guru.
This astrological movement of Brhaspati into the pot – Kumbh means pot and is Aquarius – brings a radical energy that brings destruction by the eruption of emotional force.

Energies that have been brewing unconsciously leave the inner mirror and start to reflect outwards when Jupiter transitions into Aquarius. If we follow the map of the stars and look back on the book of history then we will see the destructive explosions of emotional force in action when Jupiter enters Aquarius. The beginning of World-War-2 synchronised with Jupiter transiting into Aquarius.

Festival of the Pot

The Kumbh Meela is the biggest gathering on Earth and it occurs every 12 years, precisely when Jupiter enters Aquarius. This is a very big astrological affair for Tantrics. Endless numbers of Yogins and devotees gather at the time when these planetary forces are at their peak and immerse themselves in the river Ganga. The water acts as a medium of the astral energies and transmits them to the human system.

This planetary transition turns water to Amrit (Elixir). The old story tells that the drops of Amrit that fell upon the Earth became the sacred rivers when Brhaspati (Jupiter) moved into Kumbh (Aquarius) at the Dawn of Creation.

Keeping vessels of water on the window to become imbued with the energy of this planetary shift turns the water into a potent Elixir that can assist in healing many psychical and psychic conditions. If you have a river accessible then taking a dip or a splash can help too.

The roots
and origins of our conditions
become revealed at this time.

Working with water is an essential part of Tantric ritual when Brhaspati moves into Kumbh. Unconscious forces are made conscious by drinking and washing with water imbued with this planetary energy of Jupiter entering Aquarius. Kumbh Meela is going on presently, Kumbh, as said before, means pot. Meela means festival.

Kumbh Meela celebrates the Shift of Jupiter into Aquarius. This is a deep subject that is merely etched here. Essentially it has to do with exposing and studying the dividing curtain in the mind between the seen and the unseen, between dark and light, between unconscious and conscious. This curtain is known as the Rudra Granthi – ‘the knot of Shiva’ – that when untied… opens the third eye of vision.

Kumbh Meela
in this astrological junction
is a 12-yearly time of opportunity
to open the third eye.

The Amrit (Elixir) that flows from the third eye is strongest in this transition that occurs only every 12 years. The Amrit is synonymous with the sacred Soma fluid that is a psycho-physical compound that awakens subtle vision. When both the physical and psychic fires are balanced in the system then Soma awakens.

The yogin is ever watchful of the supplies of Soma within themselves. Tantric practices certainly awaken Soma, but there are many actions that deplete it. Rushing is the great sickness to the Yogins that creates an over-abundance of Agni (fire) that consumes Soma.

Life may offer
many opportunities to rush,
but when we do so,
we don’t live.

To say it plainly: Soma is spiritual power and the absence of Soma is the opposite of spiritual power. The time we are in now auspicious for slowing down and working with Soma. The flowers are erupting into colour, seemingly overnight, but it is to be remembered that they have been on a slow underground journey before being revealed.

We can work with Soma by collecting it in a pot. Water that has been left outside in a pot becomes infused with power at this once in a 12 yearly point. Rubbing it onto the third eye is a secret Tantric rite that will speak for itself, if done at this time.

India has celebrated this 12 yearly shift of Jupiter into Aquarius since the beginning of days. India is the Home of Tantric science; but what is Tantric science really?
Nowadays the word Tantra is carelessly thrown around in the West. Tantra has been made cheap by the modern machine in the eye of the western mind that exploits the sacred art with no honour of its depth.

Tantra is the making of the unconscious conscious. Tantra is Jupiter moving into Aquarius.
The unconscious can explode and express into consciousness in a way that possesses and wrecks sobriety. But the unconscious can also express itself in deepest sobriety and vision. It is a question of ‘to see or not to see the mirror’. The Tantric is ever watchful of the two expressions of unconscious force – both the ‘reflected and unreflected’. Soma is the fluid of Vision, guard it well, say the Yogins!

Bhairav Astami

This planetary movement is a revealer of subjective unconscious forces of the mass unconscious. When we become aware of our own unconscious impulses then we step out of the tides of time and space. To the Tantrics, Kaal Bhairav is the great benefactor who reveals the unconscious constructs of Time & Space.

Bhairav Astami is the monthly lunar half descent, that this time will usher Jupiter into Aquarius. Bhairav is evoked ritualistically on the Astami 8th lunar descent. He gives a glimpse of the unconscious world within at the exact point when the moon is split in half.

Tantrics say ‘Bhairav Astami Puja Karoo’ at this time. It means ‘remember to look into the mirror when the moon is perfectly split’, on that day hidden things are seen that no other moon day can show.

Truth Be Told

“Satellite’s gone up to the skies
Things like that drive me out of my mind
I watched it for a little while
I like to watch things on TV”

L. Reed – Satellite of Love

Jupiter moving into Aquarius is the time of ‘truth be told’. It is worth pondering on the nature of truth. How many of our truths are subjective? How many of our truths can only stand up in the motion of a structure that we take for truth? What is that structure really founded on?
Whether that structure is cultural, ancestral or capitalistic, etc., if we study the nature and reality or unreality of the structure, it can reveal deep truths to the eye of the soul.

Absolute truth is a heavy subject matter, but nature is heavy and she herself reveals absolute truth. The uniforms and costumes we wear may fade with the seasons, but nature endures. The Tantric is s/he who strips themselves naked in the wilderness and feels the natural winds of absolute truth.

The Tantric might literally retreat to the forest and that is indeed a part of Tantric Sadhana (training) but the two truths of subjective and objective will follow us even into the cave.
When the subjective structures of illusory truth crumble under their own weight, then we are truly in the wilderness, even when we are riding in the neon contraptions of modernity.

Kali Ma is nature unveiled.

Kali Ma is there, everywhere, when we remember her. She is an easy-to-forget old witch because her glare hurts. She is in fact the oldest witch. Her glare burns the subjective truths that we hold. Our subjective truths may indeed be absolute illusions.
Is it easier sometimes to look away?

Hara Ring,

Boonath & Kim

Bhairav Astami

Sunday 04 April

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