6-14 October | 20:oo - 22:oo
15 October (final ritual) | 20:oo - until untimed

Between the 6-14 of October we will celebrate Navaratri
through 9 consecutive rituals to honour the 9 Tantric Goddesses
with a view to restoring the feminine
to her full potential within ourselves,
irrspective of whether we identify
as female or male.

We see in the above picture that the 9 Goddesses
each wield a sword known as Chandrahas.
Chandrahas quite literally means Moon sword.
Each Moon sword of each Goddess, represents the
Moon phase over which she presides.

Navaratri is a time of honouring Woman and performing Graha Shanti. Graha Shanti is the Yogic practice of balancing the planetary energies within the heart, mind, body and soul. We will do this through a mixture of Tantric Yogic practices that pertain to each particular aspect of the 9 fold Goddess of eternity.

These 9 Tantric planetary rituals work by aligning to subtle energies that nature presents at this astrologicaly aligned annual junction. We will align to the subtle astral forces through the intermediary of the 9 Goddesses of the night forces who are each embodiments of the planetary maneuvers that take place astrally at this time.

Such rituals have the potential
to melt frozen states of consciousness
and liberate inner afflictions

We will take 9 nights to work with the planetary energies that possess the soul. A planet is called a Grah by the Yogins. Collectively known as the Navagrah (nine planets). Grah literally means ‘that which pulls you out of your seat of power’.

When a Grah pulls us, we do not see from a place of power, but rather are pulled into participation in the dramas of dreams of a disempowering reality that seems altogether too real to us when we are involved in the midst of it. Yet the potential for resolving our inner Karmic-constellations exists when we learn the Karmic lessons that the planets present to us.

We learn these lessons of destiny by integrating and resolving any unconscious knots of energy that bind the sacred heart. We invite all to come to a 9 night long, ritual initiation into the 9 planetary Goddesses of the night forces.


01 | 06 October 2020 | SHAILPUTRI JAYANTI (The Sun)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Solar energy in ourselves

The Goddess Shailputri is the earth mother and protector of cows. She represents the mother principle par excellence. She is the protector of the helpless and carries the energy that can handle vampiric forces. Shailputri is worshiped and evoked to help deal with astral parasites and vampiric energies that we might be carrying. Evoking Shailaputri on her Moon day, strengthens the blood and brings our active energy forward and into life. Devi Shailaputri helps in depression and sensitivity. Those who feel themselves to very sensitive to invasive energies, do well to meditate on Shailaputri. This nights ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between vampirism and the nurturing of the sacred heart. Shailaputri is the nurturing mother of the sacred heart…

02 | 07 OCTOBER 2021 | BRAHMACHARINI (Saturn)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Saturnian energy within ourselves

The Goddess Brahmacharini is the mistress of Tapasya. This means she undergoes the most extreme discipline and yogic austerity. Her story tells that she went to levels of Yogic practice that none ever went to before. She is a Goddess of extremes, she pushes the borders beyond the borders. Working with Devi Brahmacharini initiates us into the Saturnian structures and indomitable focus of the most severe planet of them all. Devi Brahmacharini is the pure Saturnian woman who teaches us about being disciplined in Tantra. She is a woman who does not do things by halves. Saturn is the planet of Karma, and brings us to face the deepest hidden realms of our soul. Devi Brahmacharini goes to the deepest place of soul in her Yogic devotions. This nights ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between consistent action and loving devotion. Though Devi Brahmacharin is severe, she is above all things, a lover.

03 | 08 OCTOBER 2021 | CHANDRAGANTA (The Moon)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Lunar energy within ourselves

Devi Chandraghanta is the mistress of shapeshifting and lunar reflection. She is the queen of the sexual dance and can reflect the opposite of whatever she is given and create a circuit of force. Devi Chandraganta is the woman who is completely unafraid. She needs not display her fearlessness in an active way, but holds her power in a deep receptive lunar way, as her name suggests. Devi Chandraganta means the Goddess of the Moon bell. She is the Goddess who gives us the deep inner poise to be able to reflect the ever changing movements of the lunar energy.
Devi Chandraganta initiates us into mirror magic. On this night’s ritual one will require a mirror to work with. The ancient Tantric art of mirror work is an extreme Sadhana (practice) that is deeply revealing. Working with Devi Chandraganta brings fluidity to body, mind, heart and soul. Evoking her ritualistically can bring the sexual energy into a flow of circuitry. Devi Chandraganta is the mistress of the mirror and she can reveal the illusions and reflections upon the face of reality.

04 | 09 OCTOBER 2021 | KUSHMANDA (Jupiter)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Jupiterian energy within ourselves

Devi Kushmanda imbues the creation with life by the power of her smile. Her smile creates and destroys. Her smile is the intelligence that the Yogins call Buddhi. She goes further than Buddhi and is Subuddhi, which is the intelligence beyond intelligence. Devi Kushmanda is the mistress of Jupiterian energy par excellence. Jupiter touches the expansive astral ranges where others can’t see and are not able to go. Jupiter communicates the most etheric and metaphysical levels of consciousness to Earth. By working with Kushmanda, we evoke the joy of intelligence and intuition. She rules the Crown Chakra and is the most subtle of the elements. Jupiterian imbalances are conditions such as mania and hysteria and ridged mental convictions. Kushmanda is a bridge between hyper-reality and terrestrial being. This night’s ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between the psychic ultra-terrestrial hemispheres of our being and the earthly, and even gritty hemispheres of reality.

05 | 10 OCTOBER 2021 | SKANDAMATA (Mars)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Martian energy within ourselves

Devi Skandamata is the only Godess to be able to hold the hot Martian child Skanda. Not even the River Ganga could contain the heat of Skanda, and even threatened to overheat and melt the world. Not even Agni, the god of fire, could handle the Martian energy. But Devi Skandamata, on the 5th dark night of the Goddess, could. Working with Devi Skandamata brings us the wisdom of Mars. She is the grand teacher who deals with the fiery force of Mars which, if not harnessed, can lead to anger and burn-out. Force without strategy is a consuming destructive fire. When strategy is applied to force, we have the initiation of Mars. Evoking Devi Skandamata ritualistically can bring us the power to walk powerfully in the inner and outer war zones of life. This night’s ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between destruction and creativity. Devi Skandamata is the mistress of Mars. She handles fire like no other, and rides us into the secrets of power upon Lion back.

06 | 11 OCTOBER 2021 | KATAYANI (Venus)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Venusian energy within ourselves

Devi Katyayani is the goddess who transitions from Mars to Venus. She is the bridge of power between these two polarities. Mars is active power and Venus is receptive power. Both can be a force for creation or destruction. Mars can explode and Venus can implode. Devi Katyayani is an Ugra (ferocious) Goddess who commands the destructive power of Venus. With her destructive Venusian power, she turns frozen Tamas (deadness) into living and loving power. It was Katyayani that the Gopi’s prayed to at the Yumuna river in the wish that nothing would stand between them and the beloved. Katyayani is chosen for worship and ritualy worked with by lovers to help heal the Tamas that stands in the way of Love. This goes for past, present and future relations. Katyayani is worshiped to remove afflictions of Mangala (Mars), ‘Mangal Dosh’ as it is called, is the energy that causes the energy of Mars to backfire on the sacred heart and destroy our relationships. Tadaruup is the yogic word that denotes the unification of two hearts into one heart. Devi Katyayani is the unifier of the sacred heart. This nights ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between hearts.

07 | 12 OCTOBER 2021 | KALRATRI (Rahu – North Node of the Moon)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Rahu energy within ourselves

This night is dedicated to the most fearsome Goddess of all: Kalratri. Nature is at its angriest today in the scale of churning anger from its subterranean. This churning in the depths carries the potential of turning poison into medicine. Tantrics consider it to be a potent night for working with anger and the latent and repressed forces of the subconscious. Depression and resignation is a form of anger that’s fallen under the surface. On the other hand, agitation and being overly driven by cause and emotion is a form that anger takes when not brought fully to flower. Each underground poison is a medicine when the alchemy of shadow and light is faced and churned. The darkest planet Rahu is the death crusher who eats the sun with his gaping mouth. Working with Devi Kalratri brings courage. This night’s ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between darkness and fear.

08 | 13 OCTOBER 2021 | MAHA GAURI (Mercury)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Mercurial energy within ourselves

Maha Gauri is the communicator of lunar secrets. Gauri is a word that denotes the Moon. Gauri is the Soma glow of the psyche and the awakening of intelligence and intuition. She represents the energy of Mercury, the quick planet of intelligence and communication between hemispheres. Astrologicaly the Moon and Mercury empower each other. Devi Maha Gauri is the Moon between Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the Moon. Maha Gauri is the one who communicates – to us on earth – in exultation, the secrets of the Moon. She does this through Mercury. Her name literally means ‘the great white shining one’. Working with Devi Maha Gauri brings clarity and softness to body, mind, heart and soul. Evoking her ritualistically can bring us towards the secrets of intuition. This night’s ritual will be an active Tantric investigation into the connection between language and intuition, object and subject, between reality and its reflection. Devi Maha Gauri is the mistress of the Moon and mind and she can reveal how the intellect can usurp intuition.

09 | 14 OCTOBER 2021 | SIDDHIDATTRI (Ketu – The South Node of the Moon)
The Goddess who initiates us into the Ketu energy within ourselves

Devi Siddhidattri is the bringer of magic. Devi Siddhidattri literally means ‘the teacher of magic’. Siddhi means ‘magic’ and Datri means ‘giver’ or ‘teacher’. There are 9 Siddhi’s in Tantra. Each Siddhi pertains to the 9 planetary energies. Each planet pulls on a physical, emotional and spiritual theme within us, uprooting everything that obscures the Rose of Shakti. By resolving each planetary conflict and drama within us, we gain the siddhi of that particular aspect. If we do not resolve these pulls upon our spirit, then we remain in a planetary constellation of Karmic drama within, orbiting around in disempowering illusions. Devi Siddhidattri presents the final door to feminine power. The secret 9th siddhi is known as Priya-Siddhi. This is the power to love and is considered the highest of all Siddhis, far exceeding all the other magical powers. Yog is the path of healing and is rich in a tapestry of method and perspective that can help to weave the way of Love. On this day, the whole spectrum of nine planetary Goddesses have completed a cycle and come into our physical, emotional and spiritual orbit through the lunar intermediary of 9 planetary influences. That extensive depth is the planetary Ketu energy. Ketu is the planet of magic and deep dark occult austerity. On this 9th lunar day, the left side of the Moon is darker than the right side. The dark half represents the nurturing womb of the Moon or the feminine half. On this night, the foot of Devi Siddhidattri takes the form of the dark Moonbeam coming down to earth from the left side of the Moon. The courage to go into far off fearsomely forgotten places is conferred by Devi Siddhidattri’s planet which is Ketu. He is the deep South node of the Moon. The power of Love comes and grows from the soil of the courage to go where he takes us… unto like the Rose of Shakti. May we be blessed with the greatest Siddhi of all: Love.

“It shifted my understanding
of what Yoga actually is,
on a fundamental level”

Farmer & Activist | UK


A short interview with Boonath.



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