Ardra Nakshatra

Fathers Moon Pitru Pakasha

Rudra and the Patriarch

This nights half descending Moon ritual
will be in lunar house of Ardra Nakshatra.
Also Known simply as Rudra Nakshatra.
This is the lunar house of raging
storming god of destruction.
The destruction we are talking of
when we address Rudra,
is not mere revolutionary reactionism,
but rather the force of full-on potent dissolution.

We can help each other by listening to each other.

Dear friends of the healing power,

We are now in the Pakasha (two week phase) of the father. This is the time of ritual Yogic healing of the patrilineal thread of ancestry.

Since time immemorial, this annual Lunar junction has been kept by Yogic culture to undertake the ritual work of healing the spirits and energies of the patrilineal thread of ancestry.

Patriarchy has become a tainted word

that is synonymous with

oppression and inequality.

Consider these questions if you will:

  • What is the the most dignified potential of the Patriarch?
  • What is the dubious deviation of the Patriarch?

Pondering such questions, obviously brings us to assess and consider the how and why of dignity and deviation.

  • What is the foundation of dignity?
  • What is the foundation of undignified deviation from the sacred heart?

The Wounds of the Patriach

The wounds of the Patriarch can cause more wounds to those who would oppose him.

The wounded Patriach is the sick King who rules perversely and spreads septic spiritual infections to those he oppresses.

The seat of the Patriarch has the potential to care.
His seat has the potential to fortify the
sacred heart of those in his domain.

An even brief glimpse as the that misdeeds of the Patriarch along the line of history will show the kind of disruption he leaves in his wake.

Consider just a few of the regimes of the last century. We also see what is in plain sight in the present, if we but look at the shadow cast by the hand without integrity.

The Patriarch cares not for integrity and,
by his own hand, loses everything,
all the while thinking he’s filling his sack with gold.

Water, Milk & Blood

There is a Tantric saying that is often attributed to the legendary Tantic Yogi known as Goraknath.

If you ask you get water
If you don’t ask, you get nourishing mothers milk.
If you take, you get blood

Water sustains, Milk nourishes but Blood is hard to digest and condemns one to a state of the living dead.

When no more blood is available to take, then the hand of the sick Patriarch withers in plain view.

Now think about these 3 energies of Water, Milk and Blood in terms of the 3 Gunas.

Gunas are the principles of nature.

Very simply put, we could say that to plant the tree and harvest the fruit takes action. Climbing a tall tree can be quite a feat.

Nourishing oneself from luscious fruit, balances us and connects us to earth, and then at the end of the day we shit the fruit out.

The tree once fresh and fruity dries up and goes barren in the winter.

Constipation is one of the deadly sicknesses of mind body heart and spirit.

The Patriarch is basically a constipated killer of the helpless, that he binds to himself through his sick power.

Blood Milk and Water
by the legendary artist Ciel Bergman

Here are listed the 3 qualities that are know as the Gunas.

Rajas – Action, life and birth.

Satva – Balance, joinery and nourishment.

Tamas – Tiredness, withering and decay

How can the patriarch be brought to a seat of dignified and noble power that expresses its force with compassion, humanity and integrity?

Excuse the expression please, but The Patriarch is well and truly fucked, and as a result of that, he is a fucker of the wound of fuckery that he tears out for himself.

He heaves his bloated bundle of fuckery up a hill made of the bones of those he oppresses.

Rudra Mudra

Potent Action of Heart

Rudra is the god of Rage who is infamous for his beheadings of the Patriarch!

The Tantric tales of the oral tradition are to be found scattered throughout the Yogic scriptures in written form

These are not mere stories to entertain, but rather, they are teaching guides about the intricacies of energy dynamics.

There exist several variants, but the stories tell of Rudra who is the king of rage, beheading his own father, and also his father in Law, and most probably a few others.

Rudra inhabits his Star constellation of Ardra Nakshatra in the celestial sphere of Orion.

When we ritualistically work with his Star, we work with rage and the themes of the father and child relation. This action is known as Rudra Mudra to the Tantrics.

This nights half descending Moon ritual will be in his lunar house of Ardra Nakshatra. Also Known simply as Rudra Nakshatra. This is the lunar house of raging storming destruction.

The destruction we are talking of when we address Rudra, is not mere revolutionary reactionism, but rather the force of full-on potent dissolution.

Rudra is the hunter of the Head of Patriarchy

Right next door to Ardra Nakshatra we have Mrigishira, which is the Star of the Deer head. Mrigishira is the star of the all-father creator god Brahma.

Another name for Brahma the creator is Mrigayu and this means a hunter and exploiter of the timid… the sick Patriarch in other words.

Now why is the gentle humble and timid star of the deer, the dwelling place of the exploiting hunting Patriarch?

The creator god Brahma, is well known for sexually hunting his daughter, hence the name Mrigayu?

The word Ardra literally implies ‘storm of tears’.

Rudra cleanly beheads the farther creator who oppresses and acts outside of the laws of integrity.

The story tells us of another sick patriarch named Daksha.

This Patriarch was known for executing ritualistic violence against animals, and also for his hatred against femininity and Women. So much so, that he caused his own daughter to combust because of his ridged narrow-hearted heartlessness.

She had warned him, but he persisted until her death.

The Patriarch is the destroyer of Love
and in the end, loses everything precious,
including his worthless head.

One chop is all it took for Rudra to separate head from body.

The Patriarch saw the raging storm of Rudra come screaming from afar, and assumed the form of a deer fled in terror.

Rudra means the screamer incidentally. And he made the sick Patriarch scream as head was shaved from off body.

Though the Patriarch was the pinnacle of prestigious pomp and a comander of the honour of his subjects, Rudra saw right through the facade, and like a head-hunting cascade of fury, he gruesomely decapitated the groveling governor.

Rudra is the vision to see
beyond the outer surface.

Rudra is the natural vision that sees the spirits of undignified Patriarchy that can infest the sacred heart.

Rudra sees the ghost and has a vision that sees way past the mannerisms and affectations of the host.

As the Patriach fled in fear from Rudra in the form of a deer.

Rudra got the head off the bloated body and tossed it into the celestial firmament, where it became the lunar house of Mrigishira, literally the Deer head star.

The Yogic teaching stories often tell of the Patriarchal grandfathers of creation and their misdeeds, such as we have seen in the above story.

The creator god Brahma attempting to sexually molest his own daughter is another tale that tells of a resultant head loss at the hand of Rudra.

For that stunt, Brahma lost one of his 5 heads. It was the one that looked up, and was connected to the subtle 5th element of Akash.

This story hides a code:

When we step into the seat of the sick Patriarch and use our power over those that we can oppress, then we sever the connection of the Crown Chakra.

Some variants tell of the body of the patriarch
getting a replacement goats head.

The Patriarch commits a whole hoard of atrocities against the feminine.

Womankind are hated by him. In fact, it could be said that the atrocities of the Patriarch are against the sacred heart.

He comes in many forms and lives in our midst, and perhaps even within us.

We have seen him portrayed in the tales above. We have read of how he indulges in everything from power driven animal sacrifice, to abuse and control.

Before we think that these atrocities are merely the stuff of stories, let us consider the rape, and pillaging of the Patriachal institutions.

Let us also consider the lingering astral tentacles of Patriarchy that we may carry even within our breast… the ones that strangle the sacred heart.

The story of one woman going up in flames in some old Indian scripture is no fantastical tale. It has been magnified in relatively recent times of mass-woman-burning by the hand of Patriarchal spirituality… These are real stories that pass the scent of burning flesh and boiling blood right under our noses.

Ruhu and Ketu

Be head or be body? Topless or Bottomless?

Beheading is symbolic of Rahu and Ketu.

Ponder on and review recent investigations into the North and South Moon axis to go further in to the subtleties of this story if you will.

We uncover the codes inherent in the teaching stories through meditation upon them.

Through meditation we open doors within.

Merely reading and scoffing down and consuming a few starry tales without them touching the sides of awareness, is for example to be in the spell of Rahu.

The spell of Rahu leads to decay. Everything simply passes through the bodiless, consuming, yapping head of Rahu

Rahu is a big force in this realm called earth where we live.

Rahu is the consumer with nothing to give but empty promises.

Rahu is fast food and also eating fast.

Just by eating and moving slowly,
we delve into the secrets of Rahu and Ketu.
This is a deep Yog to folow and is worth doing
for the sake of the sacred heart
The Tantrics say: Yog Karoo.
It means: Do the Yog

In this Ritual, we will set the Head-Master in a place of dignity.

Those who wish to work with, and heal the father and child relationship are welcomed.

Those interested in healing the energies of the unresolved spirits of ancestral transference, inference and influence, are welcomed to this nights ritual.

Energies of the ancestors live as imprints that are passed down the line if left unresolved.

Serious questions now!

How are you yourself continuing and feeding the energies of your male line of ancestry?

Are they perhaps feeding on you?

To join the ritual,
click on the head
Hara Ring