10 JUNE 2021

The impending Dark-Moon on the 10th of June will be the last one in the waxing portion of the year. The Solstice that follows soon after will bring on the dwindling of the light, and the lengthening of the nights. 

Furthermore, we will have a solar eclipse upon this ritual day. This spells a particularly powerful constellation of events: the Moon will be in the Sun ruled Nakshatra of Krittika, and the Annual festival of the dark planet Shuni (Saturn) will coincide with this day.

The stories tell us that Saturn burns his father Surya, the sun, to utter blackness with a mere glare of his wrath. The glare of Saturn, astrologically darkens the bright solar force.

That we have an actual solar eclipse on Shuni Jayanti (Saturn’s birthday), occurring within a sun ruled Nakshatra, is quite a potent ‘coincidence’. What is more, is that Saturn is in its place of empowerment in the constellation of Capricorn this year. The next time will be in 12 years.

The ancestors of cultures past, had sensitivity to nature’s cycles, call it intuition if you will, they were not faced with the idols and icons of modernity to desensitize them from instinct and nature’s voice. 

Our distant ancestors would keep a low profile on eclipse days, and introvert their forces. Spiritual insights upon eclipses are magnified if we simplify the stimuli that we are surrounded by.

Tantric practitioners of the ancient science, are given to fast and stay inside in times of eclipse, practicing contemplations and ritual focus.

We might think of such things as superstition, but before we make such suppositions, let us suppose that the many modern and artificial superimpositions upon nature might have perhaps numbed our sensitivity to nature’s voice.

Tantric’s are those who attempts to listen to nature’s voice, even while navigating the machines of modernity.

To sum it up simply: This eclipse offers a potent chance of insight and vision into the nature of how we handle and use our fire and solar force. It is an event of accessing the all too often eclipsed feminine night forces, beyond the dominant solar civilisation that we live in.

Last but not least, it is a time to look at Saturnian themes, such as, how we face limitation. Saturn shows us, the opportunities inherent within suffering and pain. He is the teacher of feminine honour, who reveals the nature of rhythm and discipline.

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