Somavati Ritual

Soma is the sacred and Healing Moon fluid. 
Once or twice a year the dark Moon falls on a Monday.
This night is named Somavati
in the Tantric calendar
and is a night of working with the inner subtle
psycho/physical compound
of lunar essence called Soma.


Soma gives strength to softness and simplicity, it is cultivated in simplifying our lives and softening our edges of the heart. When Soma is abundant in the system, we have spiritual vision and physical fluidity. Soma is a cooling fluid that heals the inner fires that consume power, it softens the heart and draws one into the spiritual womb of compassion.

Soma is ritualised
with the 3 fluids of
wine, milk & water,
which represent
blood, sex & death.


The Life is in the Blood

Kali Ma is the blood. It has been said that the life is in the blood. The blood is ritualised as wine and pertains to the urge of life. Kali Ma is the great Mother Nature. She is the ruthless force of nature that drinks blood. She is at once the blood of creation and is she who drinks it. 

Kali Ma
is the stream of nature
and she is mother to the innocent.

The innocent are those who trust in the wisdom and the way of nature. There may be some things in our lives that we can’t trust, but nature never lies. She may be ruthless and destructive in her bloody laws, but she is ever honest. In Somavati ritual, a glass of wine is placed on the altar and becomes a doorway to the mysteries of Kali Ma. It stands on the left as a reminder of Kali being the overseer of the left hand path of Tantra.


The Milk of Desire

Kamakhya is the Goddess of desire, she is the sexual impulse that heats the blood. She moves the blood and creates the milk of love through her friction. She presides over Ovulation and Menstruation and is the keeper of the secrets of the sexual doorway. 

Kamakhya is the desire
to merge with one’s opposite
and voyage into intimate involvement
with what is essentially a mystery to us.

A vessel filled with milk is placed upon the Somavati altar in honour of Kamakhya. The milk becomes a psychic medium to make connection with the forces of desire. Desire is the friction that is created when the blood of life rubs with the water of death. It is the milk between the meeting of opposites and for this reason sits in the middle of the Somavati altar.


The Watery Death

Kala is the lord of time and death, he is the lover of Kali Ma. Where Kali Ma is the force behind and beyond time and death – Kala is the time and death. He is the rhythmic ticking of the clock of Time, standing in every direction with the Kankala Danda (skeleton stick) that measures our lives.

Death is ever there,
but like water in a glass,
it can’t be seen.

The old custom of dumping the dead body into the sacred river has been an integral part of the customs of death in Indian culture. The  places where rivers ran North were often favored as the doorway out of the realm of Kala… who awaits in the North. We place a wessel of water on the right. The solar circle moves to the right and its heat consumes life. Kala is the wisdom to approach the circle of life from a cool seat.


The Fluidic Friend

Shiva is Somanath,
the friend of the Moon.

Shiva wears the moon ever in his crown and carries the soft wisdom of the feminine lunar energies in his heart. Somanath is the eternal Yogin who balances the fluids and becomes as receptive as the Moon to the Elixiral floods of Soma.

We shall evoke the Somanath in our heart by calling his Mantra. His Mantra cools the fires and allows the cooling Soma fluid to wash over us in healing waves of splendour.

Somanath is the eternal Yogi crowned by Moonlight. Somanath lives in the spirit of all souls who tread the path of Magical Lunar glow in the dark, giving honour to the feminine night forces of nourishment. By his honour the touch of the Goddess is given. Soma is the Heart softening, feminine path of Magic Moonlight. Like the Moon that shines brightly in the night sky, the Soma of Somanath is cultivated in the dark.


Consuming Heat

Tejas is the cool fire of psychic and spiritual power. The opposite of Tejas is the hot fire of Agni. Tantra is concerned with bringing both the cooling and the heating fires into a balanced dance with each other. Soma vivifies and creates, whereas Agni consumes and destroys. Both of these fires are needed in the correct proportions in the constituents of our body and spirit.

A balance of these forces is required to open the subtle portals of awareness. An abundance of Agni fire in our psycho/physical mechanism is the ill of modern times.

The overemphasis of Agni not only consumes the finer currents of awareness but creates stress in the system and ages the body.

on the other hand
is the juice of eternal youth.

Some forms of activity consume Soma and some forms of activity vivify the Soma fluid of the Moon within us. Heating pursuits and emotions, extroversion and over activity consume Soma, above all rushing depletes Soma. Introversion, rest and slowing down the currents of being nurture Soma. Somavati is the ritual day held in esteem by Tantrics to give strength and honour to the softness and simplicity that Soma is. 

is cultivated
in simplifying our lives.

Somanath (friend of Soma) is one of the names which Shiva goes by in his liquid lunar mode. His is the cool, soft and simple one. The overemphasis of Agni not only consumes the finer currents of awareness but creates stress in the system and ages the body.

Soma on the other hand is the Elixir of life – you will find more about Soma in a previous text, The Forgotten Jewel of Tantra, which goes in more details about the qualities of Soma.

Passivity and the receptive quality might have disappeared from our lives. It may even be considered a sign of weakness to be avoided at all costs, allowing the solar action to dominate. 

Somavati comes rarely,
and comes to remind us
of the rare jewel of Soma.

Passivity is a secret Moon-type state of consciousness that the Yogis venture to know in the midst of the fires and actions of life. The Yogis prize Soma and are cautious and careful to nurture, cultivate and preserve it. Soma is psychic power. Soma is the cool healing fire that melts the obstructions in the way of our Shakti life energy.

The cool fire of Soma is not as obvious as the active expression of Agni. Soma lives internally and signifies and is experienced as a magical inner life… perhaps even independent of external factors.

This independence is the quality of Nirambala. Nirambala is a name of Shiva that implies the independent self-nourishing and self-supporting one, inspired and vitalised by the Soma Moon Fluid.

The introverted fire of Soma
is an internal glow that gives one
strength of focus & ‘awake-ness’
upon the astral planes.

Soma opens the physical and astral body. Bending back and melting the psychic and physical spine pours Soma into the chakras. The falling softly into death and surrender is Soma.

The Ritual of Somavati

In this ritual we will work with darkness & silvery lunar light. Taking a journey through Blood, Sex & Death:

Blood is Kali Ma
Sex is Kamakya
Kala is Death

These are the three Tantric forces that sit in the deep underworld within us. They are the forces at the root of our power, ‘or lack of it‘. This is a psychic and physical Tantra, Mudra, Mantra ritual, that is about addressing and healing the flow of the primal powers in us.

When the 3 fluids are in balance the Kundalini awakens.
Tantrics depict Kundalini Shakti as the Queen Snake.
Living beyond the boundaries of time and space.
Beyond our known conventions.
Where the hidden and out-of-sight

is given a welcome into the arms of Life and Death on Earth

Kundalini Shakti
requires the right ‘psychic temperature’ to unfold.
Somavati is a time when celestial forces
can assist us in the balance
of the Soma fluid.

Somavati is a night when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is thin. It is for this reason, a ritual time to give homage to the deceased ancestors. To bless and heal the spirits that we are connected with. 

We can resolve and release the earth bound elements that can effect us in the Astral-World through inner prayers of blessing and release. Sometimes we are not even conscious of what we need to forgive and release. Somavati is a time of discovering and healing the psychic ties that bind us.

Tantrics call the effect of unresolved ancestral issues the Pitru Dosha. Somavati is a sacred ritual time of liberating Pitru Dosha.

The Ritual Positions of the Moon

Moon positions and invocations are known as  Chandra Parampara in Tantra. On Somavati the Yogins practice this subtle and powerful form of Tantric Moon invocation. The practices we will do on this ritual night are powerful in arousing unresolved shadow themes pertaining to the archetypal Goddesses and Gods of the Night-forces. The new Moon sequence of Chandra Parampara supports us in ritual of the Somavatri Moon junction, to soften to the lunar currents being beamed to earth.

Chandra Parampara
is a sequence of practice that,
among all the practices of Tantra,
creates the greatest softening
& flexibility in the organism,
both psychically & physically.

The introverted fire of Soma is cultivated in Chandra Parampara Moon practices. The Moon fluid is an internal glow that gives one strength of focus and ‘awake-ness’ upon the astral levels. Prayer and ritual under the Soma Moon is a time of opening body and soul towards the deepest levels of softness.

Simplification is the way to Soma. Soma is the way of bringing softness to rigidities. The 3 liquids of Blood, Sex and Death make up Soma. When they are balanced then Soma flows. An excess or depletion of any one of these energies blocks the flow of Soma. We could say that Somavati is the time of balancing.

Wine, Milk and Water shall lay upon the altar on this a Dark Moon night. By the Moon Practices of Chandra Parampara, we will delve deep into these fluids into the realm of Blood, Sex and Death


The Tabooed Forces

Wine, Milk and Water
shall lay upon the altar
on this Dark Moon night.

These are the archetypal forces that we all face. They can indeed be infused with patterns and Shadows that spin us into webs of suffering. But in this ritual, like a ruthless spider we will traverse the web of Blood, Sex and Death.

‘Dark’ areas of life
can become places where
things are feared & denied.

Tantric ritual concentrates our powers and brings us to face ourselves, and our essential patterns and blocks that are getting in the way of the freedom of the life force. The Tantric vision experientially shows us that, that which we deny, has power over us, and reduces our potential in Life, Love and Death. All forms of relation to ourselves and to others form the biggest playground where the forces of Blood, Sex and Death are made most apparent.

Participants of this ritual are asked to bring 3 glasses to the altar. One filled with wine or any form of alcohol, one filled with milk, plant milk may be used but it ought to be cream coloured, no milkshakes. And finally a glass of water.

In that order from left to right.

We will work Tantricly in a manner with these fluids that can potentially be life changing. This is a powerful yet simple contemplative ritual of a rather secret Tantric practice with far reaching effects. Once you’ve learned the formula of these 3 fluids then you can work with them in your everyday and everynight life. Follow up notes and practices will be sent the next day in written form to clarify the points of this practice.

Wine represents the blood of Kali, Goddess of the consuming force of life.
Milk is the juice of Kamakhya, Goddess of Desire
Water represents Kaal Bhairav who is the river of time that sails us unto death

Each of the themes of Blood, Sex and Death can be summarized as below.

Kali – the giving of ourselves and the reception that is reflected back.
Kamakya – the yearning to see beyond and further
Kaala – the parts that restrict and don’t fit expectations and plans.

It is with these sacred forces of blood, sex and death that we shall work on Monday’s Dark Moon healing ritual. Studying our relationship to Blood, Sex and Death. Life, Desire and Surrender. 

Kechari Mudra

Soma is Kechari Vidya. (Wisdom of Walking in space). The practice of Kechari Mudra has several preparatory steps. It is often first initiated and practiced under the blessings of the Soma Moon.

is a secret science of Mudra 
that activates points of energy 
in the system 
that releases Soma 
in the form of a hormonal substance 
that creates profound 
softness & healing trance.

Kechari Mudra can be translated as the mystical woman who walks in space. This Mudra works with the tongue and has far reaching energetic effects upon both the physical and energy bodies. The ritual of Somavati works with Ketchari Mudra and the 3 sacred fluids that make up Soma.

The Granthis

Congealed blood, curdled milk and ice cubes.

A balance
of cooling and heating forces (fires)
is required to open the subtle energies
and undo the Granthi’s (knots)
that seal the subtle portals of awareness.

An abundance of Agni fire in our psycho/physical mechanism is the ill of modern times. By becoming aware and awake on the astral layers of our inner life, we are able to undo knots of Karma and its unconscious shadows in the Granthis.

Granthi’s are the psychic and physical energy knots that the Yogis open by the science of a Tantra. The Granthis hold our Karmic themes and are tightened by Agni but loosened by Soma. That is why Soma is known as the soft fluid.

Cultivating Soma creates liquid softness, in both the body and the psyche. Over-stretching Agni creates heat and dryness. It goes without saying, that an overemphasis on heating practices of yoga consumes Soma. The yoga practices for a woman are radically different than those for a man, as the constitutions are different energetically. The man has a different relationship to Agni and Soma than the relationship a woman has to these two fires. The old Tantra practices address this subject profoundly.

In present times Agni burns strong & stands in a predominant place. This is most visible in the magnitude of destruction on a planetary scale, through wars, violence towards all forms of life, and even in the warming of the atmosphere. There is literally too much heat ‘in the system’

This calls for the cultivation of Soma, which must become a priority both individually and collectively if we wish to shift the balance back to a state of nature.

This Somavati Amvasya will fall under the Revati Nakshatra, the star constellation of Revati, the great nourisher. To read about Revati, click here.


If you would like to join the ritual