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February 4, 2021

The Link in the Chain of Wisdom

“Tantra is a wisdom tradition
that entails strict codes
that are handed on
in unbroken lines
from teacher to student.
The teacher is the link
in the chain of Tantra.”
– Boonath

The original tantric practices are themselves the Teacher that lead us to the Darshan (vision) of the Guru Tatva (element). In the Tantric tradition, the teacher is no job but a way of life. Those who go forward and become teachers must undergo extreme initiation rituals. Such rituals are to teach – or rather prepare them for a life that belongs more to their students than it does to themselves.

The axiom in Tantra
is that our lives are not given for ourselves
but for others.

The sacrifices of a true Guru go unseen and know no bounds. Sacrifices motivated by the weight of Love.

So, who is the real teacher? The real teacher is the one who is able to look beyond the characters that we think we are and see who we really are – beneath the library and archives of personal history that lay upon our souls.

The Love of the teacher is not sentimental, but is a visionary Love of who one really is. The Guru’s role is not to satisfy and please the student by giving what the student wants. Often the Guru must show the student that which they do not want to see. For those blind spots are where the true self lays buried like a precious underground treasure. A strict Love indeed, but a love that forgives time and again and holds a profound and enduring patience.

The teacher can seem like they do not care. Maybe they do not care for the skin and surface of our being, but rather for the one within and behind the costumes and uniforms of character.

The Heavy One

Guru means “the heavy one”. Guru is an adjective that means Heavy. It is popularly and modernly translated as “the one who brings one from darkness to light”. This is a perhaps a Christian inflection upon the principle of Guru. In-fact, this could be said to be a reversal of meaning.

The Guru
is linked to Shuni
who is the planet Saturn.

The stories of Shuni tell how he is the child of Surya (sun) and, with his dark, weighty underworld gaze, even caused Surya to blacken like a dark crispy shadow of his former self.

Saturn is just like the Guru who has the ability to take away all visible and known light within us and take us into the parts of ourselves that have previously not been seen. Tantric methods themselves act like the Guru who can eclipse the solar vision and make us aware of the spirits of the unconscious world that colour our visible lives. By seeing and addressing these forces, they are brought to the altar of the soul for healing, and this is exactly what the weight of the Guru stands for.

Just like Shuni, the Guru indeed brings us to our deep inner weight. He is like the heavy dark planet indeed and brings us to our deep inner weight. Like many words of the ancient Tantric vocabulary, Guru has been transposed across cultures and taken on a somewhat negative connotation in modern times, of the imposter who uses his power to exploit others. This is indeed a pity and an anomaly of a sacred word and principle.

There may be those who set themselves up in such ways as they break into the western market. Tantra has never attempted to break into any market, though a click and scroll through contemporary pages might show us differently.Again another word that has become taken out of context and perhaps been used, exploited and cheapened dishonorably.

Codes of Tantra

The codes of Tantra revolve not around the teacher as a personality or a celebrity but as an imparter of techniques. To be able hold some of those techniques indeed takes great power and weight. Tantra understands that the heavy quality and presence of the Guru is of utmost importance.

The heavy Guru has a heavy vision that must stand for solidity and look only to the real weight of the student. The guru is strict about practices and the regulations of living if one is to come to their true deep weight. Flimsy light weighted abstractions, and clever escapisms, pale in the presence of a Guru.

Laghoo is a Sanskrit word for ‘aspirant’, which means ‘lightness’. The Guru in his vision might not tolerate or overlook the light, flimsy and superficial aspects of our character. The Guru puts heavy focus upon the deeper self that is locked in the very weight of our beings.

If we are used to living in empty vanities and airy realities, the mere presence of the guru can at times be painfully and heavily oppressive. If we are to follow the teachings of Tantra with sincere focus, it does not allow for indulgence in superficiality and escapism. The Tantric way is the way of the weight of reality and truth.

Sometimes seeing and swallowing the Truth is bitter.
But sweetening the bitter taste is not an entertainment
that Tantra in its original sense will offer us.

The strict insight of the Guru is timed with reality. The gaze might appear as unbending, but their eyes firmly focus upon the optimal power of each and every moment. This is a vision that takes great stamina and integrity of being. This is the weight that awakens the weight of the Guru Tatva.

The weight of the Guru is within each person. The practice of Tantra has a strict form that becomes the Guru. If one is to engage in ritual successfully, there is to be no sidestepping – light wishful thinking and good intentions do not drive the car. One must put the foot on the pedal of Tantra. It is a pedal that takes some weight to press.
That is the weight of the Guru.

The true inner and outer teacher wants us to drive the car of life power and not sit back lightly and hypothesize about life. Whether the teacher is our own inner rooted power, or an actual outer guide, the essence of the Tantric teacher is weight.

What blocks the Teacher from coming close? The teacher can not reach us if we are in the habit of defense. When we suffer the habit of defense then we close off the reception of Wisdom. Defense fades as trust grows, by learning to uncover and trust our innate power we open ourselves in all directions.

Tantra is not really the learning of new wisdom, but rather the unfoldment of our innate wisdom, by a process of practical study we come to see the coverings upon our innate wisdom – and can then apply ourselves to a process of excavating the treasure of inner wisdom.

As we uncover wisdom’s face, we may find the hidden games and strategies we play to banish wisdom from our hearts and lives. Wisdom requires the death of many things. We might have got used to make others less than ourselves in our hearts and minds.

We might have come to believe
that the unseen and unknown has no measurable value.
We might have taken the stance
to critically stand above things
as a way to navigate through life.

Wisdom’s Face

In the face of uncovering wisdom, such things may come to our attention. Such attitudes isolate us from learning anything now and fade as the mask is taken away from wisdoms face. These attitudes are based on traumas that have their roots in self protection. The dropping away of self protection does not mean that one abandons their dignity. The Teacher wants us to keep our dignity while losing our self defense against wisdom – this is the state of empowerment where subservience and self abnegation does not enter.

The Teacher of Wisdom series

All those who venture to find the inner Guru
and to understand the role of the Teacher
in Tantric wisdom
are welcomed to the Teacher of Wisdom series of rituals.

The days upon which we shall gather for these rituals relate to Tantric festivals that celebrate the quality of the Teacher of Wisdom. Beginning on the ritual day of Mauni Amvasya, we will honour the secret and unspoken wisdom of silence. A Mauni is a silent wise teacher, and this dark moon day is commemorative of exactly that.

We will move onto Maha Shivaratri in the next ritual and honour Shiva. Shiva is the first of the Yogis and he is connected with ritualistically on the night of Shivratri, which translates as the great night of Shiva.

The next ritual will be upon Guru Purnima, this is the full moon of honouring the elders and the principle of the Guru.

The final ritual in the Teacher of Wisdom Series will be upon the commemoration day of Lord Dattetreya, he is the legendary Tantric of the left hand way of the heart.

In this series of Wisdom rituals, we will travel through many Tantric practices along with the stories and myths of these ritual nights. We will connect to the principle of the inner wise one that takes us deep into the Inner Teacher of Wisdom in the cave of our Heart.

In this series we will explore tantric methods of wisdom that can eclipse the outer solar vision, and make us aware of the spirits of the unconscious world that colour and dream our visible lives into being. Tantra is the Teacher.

To find out more about the series and the rituals



November 28, 2020

& the Myth of Tripurari Purnima

Deva Diwali is the rejoicing in the spiritual world of the awareness of Shiva to cast the arrow of aware vision upon the blind Karmas of both the Matriarch and the Patriarch. These Karmas are revealed by the force of planetary currents upon the astral plane on Deva Diwali.

Deva Diwali is the Diwali of the Spirit World.
Tripurari Purnima is the full moon of Shiva in his form known as Tripurara. 

Tripurantaka is the destroyer of the three worlds. Tripurari (Triparuri are the three worlds) Shiva’s arrow-like vision destroys them.

In the Tantric year, this is the second most important ritual day that is dedicated to Shiva. The main one being the Shivaratri, which translates as the night of Shiva.

Tripurara is a name of Shiva. It means the lord of the three worlds.

Pura signifies a land or a place. The forehead marking upon Shiva is the three lines that denote the three realms.

What are the three worlds and how do they relate to this Full Mooned night?

Svarga, is the spirit world, Patala, is the underworld of the unconscious, and Bhumi, is the earth plane where the two worlds meet.

These worlds are symbolised by 3 terrestrial metals.
Patala is related to the heaviest metal of Iron, The lightest is Silver in the mysterious and unseen lunar world of Svarga, Gold is the weight in between, twice as heavy as silver, it is the metal of the revealed world, illuminated by the golden sun in the daylight, it is the earthly plane of seen things, known in Tantra as the realm of Bhumi


The story goes that there were three Asuras. These three brothers wished to dominate creation. Collectively they are known as Tripasura, the three.

They had got so powerful by worshiping Shiva and emulating the magical arts of Shiva himself.

Asura is often translated as Demon, this may have very many connotations to call them such. 

The Asuras are spirit beings who are overshadowed by unconscious shadows which lead them in destructive ways. 

The three Asura brothers were the Sons of the mighty demon Tarakasur who represents the destructive side of the sexual chakra. Tarakasur fathered 3 rapscallious sons named Vidyunmaali, Kamalaaksha, and Taarakaaksha.

The father had already met his fate at the hands of Shiva’s son, the world-famous elephant god Ganesha. 

The father was himself a powerful Yogi gone wrong. He had not completed his yogic austerity, but had prematurely gained power by a gamble. The gamble of premature power was given on condition that he could only be killed by Shiva’s son.

Knowing that Shiva was a Yogi far out of reach of the world and of family life, the wicked Tarakasur took the gamble of power. Once drunk on his power, he started to dominate unjustly with his newly acquired and seemingly unstoppable power. 

Little did he know that Shakti was to entice the mighty renunciant Shiva and bear a child with him. And so Tarakasur met his fate as had been ordained.

Vidyunmaali. Kamalaaksha, and Taarakaaksha represent the hidden karmas of the active masculine and passive femmine.

They represent the Moon, the Sun and Shuni (the planet Saturn). Shuni is he who raises Karma and that which has not been seen but must be faced.

The brothers, although devotees of Shiva, bore a grudge in their hearts that their father had not been as great as Shiva and had met his demise on account of Shiva’s son. 

The grudge that the brothers held against Shiva was to poison their hearts and cause their ruin.

The grudge they held represents the unresolved Karma with which they are synonymous.


The Three brothers and their endless magical concentrations and yogic austerities bore results after continued devotion. 

So much so that they won the favour of the creator. They were offered wishes for anything they so desired. 

Now, the 3 yogic brothers were so highly jealous of Shiva, who lived in the uppermost heights upon the sacred mountain, that they wished for their own heights and so wished for flying cities in the sky that would float above the abode of Shiva, 

The three brothers believed that if they elevated themselves higher than the unfathomable heights of Shiva then they would be greater than he.

The first brother asked for his flying city in the sky to be made of gold.
The second brother wished his flying city in the sky to be made of Silver.
The third brother wished for his flying city in the sky to be made of Lead.

The architect Mayasur was the one who built the cities in the sky for the 3 arrogant brothers. Mayasur was the great Architectural King responsible for building the destructive panels of life. It was he who built and gave his name to the legendary hall of illusionary mirrors known as Mayasabha.

The three brothers conspired to align the cities with the weight of the heaviest metal behind. It took a whole year before they could manage to form an exact alignment.

When they finally did, they conspired to ram full blast onto the sacred mountain upon which Shiva eternally meditates. 

They planned to smash the mountain to dust, and along with it, the great Shiva.

And so on the day in question, which falls upon Deva Diwali of the last Full Moon of the darkest part of the year, there is an astral alignment of destructive spiritual forces.

In Tantric science the metal of the Moon is Silver, the metal of the Sun is Gold, and the metal of Shuni (Saturn) is Iron. 

At the first place the three brothers put the silver flying city, in second place they put the golden flying city, and behind they placed the Iron city.

Silver is half the weight of pure gold, so they thought that if the silver should not do the job the gold would, and failing that the iron which is equal in weight to both silver and gold combined would certainly smash the sacred mountain.

Shuni is the planet that raises the deep unconscious imprints and most hidden karmas.

When Saturn is behind the Moon and the Sun, he reveals the hidden shadow sides of these two planets. These are the receptive Lunar and the active Solar shadows we are talking of. The unresolved sides are brought to the surface upon the spiritual plane. This occurs on the night of Deva Diwali and is revealed in sacred ritual.


At the moment of exact alignment after a year of trying to synchronise they blasted the mountain at lightning speed.

In terminal velocity they broke through space and time, sound and vision barriers were transgressed.

But the Tripasura had underestimated Shiva, the master of Yog! 

In speed beyond light and thought, Shiva saw what was going on and summoned Vishwakarman, the architect of the universe and of the creative panels of life.

Shiva asked Vishwakarman for an arrow to be built that could destroy the 3 cities. It was done as the very thought was manifesting.

The arrow appeared as instantaneously as the speed of thought and Shiv took aim with his bow, known as Pinakka. The arrow rained fiery flames and torrents of water upon the three cities and pierced the arrogant hearts of the three yogis gone astray.

The cities rose in flames and Shiv danced the Tripura Nasha Tandava upon them, (that is the ‘vision of the three worlds’ dance). These are three distinct yogic dances that relate to Silver (light) Gold (middle) and Iron (heavy). They are danced upon this ritual night.

The blazing 3 worlds seemed to turn to dust and they departed beyond the terrestrial hemisphere and disappeared.

From the ashes of the burned bodies of the brothers, shiva drew three lines upon his forehead, one silver, one gold and one black.

[There are other variants of the story where Shiva only gazed upon the cities and they dissolved. Nasha means gaze. Some of the versions of the story tell of other quite charming details. For example, the great snake Vasuki (that Shiva wears as a necklace), was the bowstring, and the war chariot on which he rode for the task was Bhumi, the earth Goddess, and had the Moon and the Sun as its wheels. The deity of the heart was the arrow.]

Tripurantaka became shiva’s name after he destroyed the 3 cities and the Tripasura (the three demonic brothers).

Tripurara also became Shiva’s name, meaning ‘the lord of the three worlds’.
The forehead markings of Shiva bear significance to this story.

The mountainous home of Shiva is referred to as the stable seat of Shiva, Shivasan.

The story reveals how all of us walk in the balance of our mountain, which can be stirred up, or even ground down by the solar and lunar expressions of unconsciousness.

After marking his forehead victoriously, yet without vanity or display, Shiva returned to his Samadhi but was ever very attentive.

At the exact time each year, by planetary alignment upon the astral plane, the three cities in the sky boomerang back – like an echo etched in the fabric of time and space, they returned and attempted to bombard his sacred mountain meditation once again. The yogic power of the three brothers combined had etched itself into the ethers for infinity. 

Shiva takes a whole year to breath one single breath, and between each breath he is vigilant to cast the arrow and blast the cities back into outer orbit. 

The pause between each inhale and exhale is a place of vigilance and concentration where Shiva remains aware of the shadow of the three metal cities of gold, silver and iron.
That is, the heavy underworld Karmas of the feminine and masculine that Shuni (Saturn) dredges up from the unconscious feminine and the masculine poles.

The lunar and solar poles of Silver and Gold are raised once a year on this junction.

An opportunity is afforded to see into the hidden stories encoded in the inner and outer constellations we are living, unconsciously between the feminine and the masculine. 

Upon this yearly junction the three planets are positioned in such a way that they are pushed by Shuni (Saturn) from the rear, and raise the karma’s latent in the masculine solar (gold) and feminine lunar (silver). 

Saturn is the planet that rules the heaviest terrestrial metal that dwells in both the physical and astral body. 

Shuni is the king of the planets for his ability to cast shadowy unconscious darkness upon all and sundry.

The Deva Diwali is the rejoicing in the spiritual world of the awareness of Shiva to cast the arrow of aware vision upon the blind Karmas of both the Matriarch and the Patriarch. These Karmas are revealed by the force of planetary currents upon the astral plane once a year on Deva Diwali.

Deva Diwali 
A Gupt Puja

The planets are physical and affect us physically, but the planets also have realities in the astral world. This night of Deva Diwali is to be remembered to be based upon movements of the inner astral universe. It is after all the Diwali of the spirit world.

Tantra recognises several unorthodox gupt (hidden) festival days, these are in some ways mirrors of earthly planetary events, the Gupt festivals are times of very subtle inner work. More subtle techniques are applied on the Gupt festival days.

For example, the two navaratri (nine nights of Goddess) are times of physical planetary alignment as ritual in Tantra, they also have their inner equivalent of the Gupt Navaratri where more detailed and subtle techniques are practiced as planets on the astral plane work from the inside out as opposed to the outside in. 

Deva Diwali is a secret and inner Diwali that can not be taken for granted. If we do nothing to attempt to look at the Karmas that are pushing us into actions both passive and active, then there is no lamp lighting, there is no rejoicing and the Inner Deva Diwali is nothing we would know as experience. 

Spiritual lamps take much care, huffs and gusts of impulses and cheap escapist moves can extinguish magic flames in an instant.

The Arrow 
between breaths

In the Tantric pantheon of sacred healing practices, every Moon phase has its corresponding practices and mudras.

Shiva’s breath is his bow (Dhanusha) named Pinakka. 

This bow represents the slowly drawn breath, the pause between the breath is the shot of the arrow.

The latent Karmas that live unseen are found between the breaths. When the pause between the breaths is discovered, then the secrets of Pranayam opens up both body and soul.

The backbend in Yog is the essential of melting, it is independent of strength or force but requires a solid foundation from which to fall with gravity. The secret of opening the back bend is in the discovery of the pause between the breaths. 

Deep Karmas are melted both physically and psychically in the back bend. Back bend is Bolo, the soft one. Bolo is a name of Shiva.

When we are over-active and living by the solar principle over the Moon, the relationships to the feminine fall into death and destruction. The pause between the breaths can appear as an empty and lonely place which must be ventured in, if we are to know the magical secrets of the mountainous home of Shiva. Pharbhati, who is the manifestation of Shakti as Shiva’s Lover, literally means ‘the light of the Mountain’. She is the Rose of Shiva, but he called her the Rose of Shakti (listen to our recorded tale about this Tantric Myth on our YouTube Channel).

This night’s ritual practice is very much about discovering that which we move away from in the pauses between the breaths, that which we move towards hangs together in absolute relation to what we move away from.

That which we do not want to see, conditions that which we see.

The Yogi investigates Woman and Man, the Moon and the Sun, the Night and the Day, the Egg and the Seed.

Shiva’s bow shoots the sacred arrow of water and fire, this is silver and gold, this is the Moon and the Sun, this is the female dark (Rajas) blood, and the male white (Bindu) seed.



July 15, 2020


Dear Friends of the Healing Circle,

This coming New Moon (Monday 20 July 2020 )is under the rulership of Soma. In Tantra, Soma refers to the Moon and carries several connotations.

Soma refers to the sacred and Healing Moon fluid.
It is subtle psycho/physical compound that is the essence of Tejas: the cool fire of psychic and spiritual power.

The opposite of Tejas is the hot fire of Agni.
Tantra is concerned with bringing both the cooling and the heating fires into a balanced dance with each other.
Soma vivifies and creates, whereas Agni consumes and destroys.
Both of these fires are needed in the correct proportions in the constituents of our body and spirit.

A balance of colling and heating forces (fires) is required to open the subtle portals of awareness. An abundance of Agni fire in our psycho/physical mechanism is the ill of modern times.

The forgotten Jewel

The overemphasis of Agni not only consumes the finer currents of awareness but creates stress in the system and ages the body.
Soma on the other hand is the juice of eternal youth.
There are many forms that Shakti (life energy) expresses herself as, and there are many forms that we live out and are occupied by in the fabric and weave of our lives.
We might be expressing or being impressed upon by a particular form of Shakti at the expense of another.
This depends on the karmas (actions) that we are involved in and creating.
Some forms of Shakti consume Soma and some forms of Shakti vivify the Soma fluid of the Moon within us.
Heating pursuits and emotions, extroversion and over activity consume Soma.
Introversion, rest and slowing down the currents of being nurture Soma.
Noise and speech create Agni – which is hot and active.
Silence and stillness create Soma – which is brewed in passivity.

Passivity is a quality that might have disappeared from our lives and a rare jewel of even rarer inaccessibility.
Passivity is a secret Moon-type state of consciousness that the Yogis venture to know in the midst of the fires and actions of life.

The Yogis prize Soma and are cautious and careful to nurture, cultivate and preserve it.
Soma is psychic power. Soma is the cool healing fire that melts the obstructions in the way of our Shakti life energy.
The cool fire of Soma is not as obvious as the active expression of Agni.
Soma lives internally and signifies and is experienced as a magical inner life. Perhaps even independent of external factors.

& the Astral Level

Nirambala is a name of Shiva that implies the independent self-nourishing and self-supporting one.
The introverted fire of Soma is an internal glow that gives one strength of focus and ‘awake-ness’ upon the astral levels ( an aspect we shall explore in more detail on Naaga Panchima on our 25th of July ritual ).

By awareness and being awake in the astral layers of our inner life, we are able to undo knots of karma and unconscious shadows in the Granthis.

Granthis are the psychic and physical energy knots that the Yogis open by the science of a Tantra.
The Granthis are tightened by Agni and loosened by Soma. That is why Soma is known as the soft fluid.
Cultivating Soma creates liquid softness in  both the body and the psyche.
Over-stretching Agni creates heat and dryness.

It goes without saying, that an overemphasis on heating practices popular with modern styles of Yoga consumes Soma.

The yoga practices for a woman are radically different than those for a man, as the constitutions are different energetically. The man has a different relationship to Agni and Soma than the relationship a woman has two these two fires. This line of Tantra addresses the subject profoundly.

In present times we live in the Agni fire burns strong and stands in a predominant place. This makes the cultivation of Soma most applicable and most important.

The Day of SOMA

In the Tantric calendar, the year is divided into two.
We are presently in the half that brings lengthening nights, this half of the year follows the solstice. It is the half of the year that belongs to Soma –  as nature is on her introverting darkening journey towards the next solstice switch.
This coming new Moon is the first new Moon embedded within the darkening half year of lengthening nights. It is the Moon of Soma and falls on Monday which is known to the Tantrics as Somvaahr, literally: the day of Soma.
Giving strength to the God of Softness and simplicity that Soma is. Soma is cultivated in simplifying our lives.

Somnath is a name of Shiva the eternal Yogi that wears the moon in his hair. Somnath lives in the spirit of all souls who tread the path of shining in the dark. The path of the Magic Moonlight.

New Moon Sequence

Like the moon that shines brightly in the night sky, Soma is cultivated in the dark.

The practice of Kechari Mudra has several preparatory stepsand we will practice some on this ritual. It is initiated and practiced when the Soma Moon is at its strongest.
This is a secret science of Mudra that activates points of energy in the system that releases Soma in the form of a hormonal substance that creates profound softness and trance.
The new Moon sequence of Chandra Parampara supports this and is ritualistically practiced by the tantrics at this Moon junction.

Chandra Parampara is the Yog sequence of practice that among all the practices of Yog creates the greatest softening and flexibility in the organism, both psychically and physically.

Prayer and ritual under the Soma Moon is a time of opening body and soul towards the deepest levels of softness. Simplification is the way to Soma… and the way of Soma.

If you would like to join Monday’s healing circle



April 14, 2020

Today is India celebrates the New Year in the Sun Calendar.
The Indian Calendar has a parallel of Moon and Sun that run in sync to each other.
There are two New Year days that comprise the calendar(s) in the ancient Indian pagan calendar: one for the Moon year, and one for the Sun year.
In this newsletter we hope to shed some light (and shadow) on this almost forgotten tradition and offer an explanation as to what it signifies to Tantric yogis in their quest for healing and, for lack of better words, enlightenment.
We hope you will find the reading of interest and use to you in these challenging times…


It is based upon an ancient Tantric honouring of both of these forces which are radically different and, in some ways, we could say opposing each other and yet together.
Hence these two calendars run in synchronised union. These forces exist within us and are mirrored in nature. Or the other way around, if you will.

“The Lunar New Year
started with the Spring New Moon,
and today the Solar New Year commences.”

This is a very detailed subject from a Tantric viewpoint.
But what does this New Year actually signify from a Tantric perspective?
Many points are raised by considering the Indian New year and we will touch on a few first and then endeavour to explain its significance from a Tantric viewpoint and present perspectives of how this day can assist us in the Tantric quest for Union.


Recently we have started giving information of this Tantra line of Yog through our newsletters. These being small excerpts from a greater work we plan to publish in time.

A lot of what is imparted here
has not been written about before
& comes from the oral tradition
of Tantra in India.

It is important to know that the British rule left a big imprint and laboured under a long standing Vatican objective to eradicate Shamanic cultures the world-over – a mission that was first institutionalised around the year 1300 through the signing of a document titled the ‘Institution of the Crown’.
It is no surprise therefore that the New Year days, of Moon and Sun, have fallen out of favour and are not so commonly honoured or remembered even, amongst modern Indians.  Mainly the pagan folk and the Tantrics celebrate today. There are religious services and festivities in different regions that do celebrate this festival, some with an agricultural slant. It is much in the same way we might celebrate Easter. For example, some regions make a special sweet from mangoes on this day. The deeper meaning behind this offering and indulgence is that the mango symbolises the sun by its colour – It could be seen as the Eastern version of the Easter egg.

Only in relatively recent times has permission come to me to present such Tantric Hatha Yog principles. Yet translating  this wisdom into concepts that can be understood in Western terms has proven a phenomenal challenge. I feel my writing is most inadequate but the process if being ever perfected also through the close exchange with Kim who has been accompanying me on this journey and motivating me over these past six years of collaboration.


India and the West are radically different cultures.

Spiritual Tantric concepts
and Christian moral values
don’t interact and intersect so easily.

It is important to know that the British rule left a big imprint and laboured under a long standing Vatican objective to eradicate Shamanic cultures the world-over – a mission that was first institutionalised around the year 1300 through the signing of a document titled the ‘Institution of the Crown’.
It is no surprise therefore that the New Year days, of Moon and Sun, have fallen out of favour and are not so commonly honoured or remembered even, amongst modern Indians.  Mainly the pagan folk and the Tantrics celebrate today. There are religious services and festivities in different regions that do celebrate this festival, some with an agricultural slant. It is much in the same way we might celebrate Easter. For example, some regions make a special sweet from mangoes on this day. The deeper meaning behind this offering and indulgence is that the mango symbolises the sun by its colour – it could be seen as the Eastern version of the Easter egg.

The occult understanding of India has known of the power of this day and that’s the reason behind pundits, astrologers and magicians prescribing this day to effect new ventures.
Note that the Sikh religion and military in the North India on this day centuries ago was erected and is orthodoxly celebrated.
For the Tantrics the meaning and ritualistic inflection of this day is rather more than a festival. It presents a magical doorway of possibility within the realm of healing one’s life. It is seen that a doorway that opens planetarily and aligns to a specific focus and spiritual / physical practice for working with and balancing the fire element.


Modernity, as a political project of the West, has traditionally replaced the wisdom of Nature with secular, social and economic interest.

Even within the modern development of Yoga
there has been a whitewashing
of an ancient & detailed practice
that leaves out so much important information
– much of it not being available at a price
(ie: teacher training programmes),
but only through initiation.

Is it such a bad thing to absorb an ancient culture and put it out within our own terms, or should we go towards the original spirit and why?
Questions such as these are raised when we consider disappearing wisdom.
What are our own cultural terms? is a question that will bare much fruit both collectively and personally if we dare ask.

It is relatively easy for anyone to present the subject of yoga after a few weeks of training, and many well-meaning enthusiasts do precisely this – but equally many important stones may stay unturned in the reduction of a profound subject into the uniform we ascribe to it.
There are important things to consider in completing the wheel of yoga: points such as the effect of the moon and the corresponding moon practices, or the gender of the practitioner, which is of the utmost importance when moving and working with psychophysical energies.

Not surprisingly, in the predominantly patriarchal civilisation in which we live, many of the common modalities of Yoga are practices that do not suit the feminine constitution and can work counter-productively for the woman’s body and health.
Just like the disappearing remembrance and knowledge of the Indian New Year days, the disappearance of the wisdom of mantra and ritual is being forgotten in the modern Yoga band wagon that modernity packs itself full with in its attempt to transplanting ancient modalities and wisdom into the reductionist structure of modernity.


The thing with psycho physical practices is that they can disorder the physical and spiritual system if not undergone with correct knowledge. A well-meaning or positive approach is no safeguard to destructive effects.
I’ve seen numerous times imbalances derived from modern yoga, among practitioners coming to this work and seeking help.

Disorder such as imbalance of menstrual cycles
and gynaecological problems,
because of sustained incorrect practices
such as Astanga yoga are not uncomon
and much work – from this Tantric line –
was required to rebalance the system.

For example, if a woman takes to practicing with regularity the masculine mantras and bija mantras that do not suit her constitution, she will invite problems of the reproductive and sexual areas of her body.
This can in turn follow the meridian to the knee and can present problems there too, and from there progress further into the body and penetrate the sphere of the emotions and the psyche. The emotions and the psyche are touched very deeply through psychophysical practices, it goes beyond the layers of the body.
The network of physical and psychic circuitry being intimately connected.


The Solar practices (such as most modern styles of Yoga popular in the West) are not suited to all constitutions and can create heat which in turn creates hardness and increase heart rate – something we touched upon in the previous newsletter about Hanuman and Pranayama. This is especially increased if they are carried out at the unfitting time of  the season.
The lunar practices are for woman and invite fertility in many areas.
These practices are radically different from the male practices.

Some of the modern practices
incorporate moves
that can block the Heart meridians
& this works counterproductively
when working with the Breath & Heart,
both on the physical & psychic levels.

These are often practices that are implantations that do not come from Yoga but were developed along gymnastic type lines of training and got mixed in – Mark Singleton’s historical documentation of the influence of Western circus gymnastics on India’s modern yoga (‘Yoga Body’, 2010)is a must-read for anyone interested in the subject of the origins of modern yoga.


Tantra follows nature and prescribes Solar practice for both woman and man around this time of season.
The fire is brought into balance in the system by this, that is: the fire that has been slumbering in the dark months and perhaps entered into Tamasic (withdrawn) mode.
Generally working the inner channels of Nabi Chakra (belly button) and focussing on the colour gold is an injunction for stoking the fire element in the body. A (Tantric) mantra chanted repeatedly in support of this objective is the following:

Boo Hoo Boo
Boo Hoo Boo
Vajra Giri Lingam
Bum Hum Dum

Moon and Sun must go together so first a mention of the recent New lunar year. At the time of the Moon New Year (first New Moon after the Equinox – see Spring Full Moon Newsletter) the Moon energy is activated and favours the addressing of the soft rising feminine energies of the Moon through the Chakras.
At the middle of April each year, when the moon is half lit and half dark, the solar calendar commences. On this day the solar plexus Chakra is in balance. The rising warm season is upon us and the solar plexus is brought into activity now after a long Winter slumber – the solar plexus not being so active in the colder months.

Physical appetite in the solar plexus is strong in this time and it is a time to eat well but not to overtax the fire. Projects and activities started on this day are imbued with solar energy and can be brought to success by this planetary assistance. That is to say, the Tantrics believe that to set an intention on this day – if propagated with the effort of keeping the fire alive – will yield great results.


The solar plexus Chakra is fully active when it’s in balance with the third eye.
The colour of the solar plexus is yellow, or gold, and the opposite colour in the spectrum is indigo, which corresponds to the colour of the ‘Third Eye’ Chakra.
The third eye is connected to the dark side of the Moon, and is at its maximum on the New Moon – that is when the Moon is entirely dark.
The third eye becomes a vacuum that draws up the energy at the new Moon.
The half illumined and half enlighted Moon on this day represents the balance of the Chakras that deal with fire.
The Fire at the Solar Plexus is called Agni and is a hot consuming flame. The Fire at the Third eye is Called Teja and is cool and known as Moon fire.
When this condition is unbalanced, or reversed, the sun moves to the third eye and the solar plexus becomes weakened as the dark moon takes residence there.
This translates into a busy mind and no strength – a condition we might be familiar with.
The old and highly esoteric yogic injunction to ‘raise the Moon in the day and the Sun in the night’ would be worth pondering over. Tantra says:

Set your spiritual vision of fire
& work for it from this day henceforth
to the result.
Be wise in the use of energy
for what the Heart truly needs.
To put the power for healing
is the code of the Tantrics.

Hara Ring,

Booonath & Kim


March 21, 2020

“To access our true power of who we are
is the place where the true essence of things will show itself to us.
This is, possibly, the only real opportunity
the current situations is offering us.
To perhaps stop the old clockwork reaction
through insight and self-study,
to stay on a path of deep travel to oneself.
To hear that which we might forget to listen to in the midst of noise.”


Dear friends of the Healing Circle of Shadow and Light, of Moon, Crow and other wonders of the Tantric pantheon.

Sending you blessings and remembrance on this powerful Equinox.

Current events will make it difficult for us to meet in person for the time being, but we are thinking of alternative ways to come together and continue a collective healing journey.
Among the many voices that have spoken about the present situation we thought to write and offer a Tantric approach and perspective in light also of the powerful forces offered to us by the present circumstances.


Awareness requires insight and study into the nature of our reactions to things, people and situations. In life we often filter choices in order to give ourselves what serves us best.
If we know we are gluten intolerant we would filter out many products from our shopping list and we would not waste time looking at bread or pasta in shops. We would clearly see that as a waste of our time and energy.
Yet, much of the information we take in from other people, the news and social media is unfiltered, despite it might cause us indigestion of a different kind, a psychic indigestion that over time can lead us to sickness and chronic imbalances, both in the psyche and in the physical body.

“We may have got so used to this feeling of being off center
in the whirl of the events present in our lives,
we might have associated a state of ‘normality’ with it.”

The Tantric Vision wants us to see through an empowerd standing point no matter what the challege we are presented with is.
Currently much is being reported about things going on in the world that draws our fascination, obsession and fear towards it.
The over-occupation with certain events can become an escape that seems very justified and most important.
It can become like ‘psychic junk food’.
It is unhealthy and disempowering when overly consumed, and yet seems so tasty and can become almost addictive.
It does not nourish or fulfil us in any way and leaves us in a state of spiritual indigestion – if not kept in check this can lead on to spiritual & psychic constipation.
The unresolved within us is sometimes in want of finding a voice and expression as a way to deflect from the pain of the original wound. Anything within emotional range can become a scapegoat for not facing deeper issues in out soul.


Much power is required to successfully follow Tantric practices, not just theoretical weavings. Actual practical, tangible, physical and psychic techniques require us to have a lot of power.

“One of the reasons why
it is so challenging to weave tantric practices
into the fabric of our ‘normal’ lives
is because much of our inner power is easily expended
in a cycle of unconscious self-sabotaging activities.”

To truly commit to the healing path a lot of awareness is required of us about the ways we literally ‘waste’ our power. A keen and watchful eye must be developed in order to check the tendency we may have to indulge in inner or outer drama, sensationalism, and other forms of escaping from the challenge of going the healing way towards our centre.


Anyone practicing regularly Tantric, magical or ritualistic methods will know that much psychic energy is needed to carry out healing processes. Consequently, psychic energy cannot be spent recklessly.

“When psychic energy is given away we become empty.
This emptiness can then be filled with systems & formulae,
created by others that overly consume us
& take us away from our centre.”

This dissociation from our centre disconnects us from our power and becomes a vicious cycle that ends up impacting our health, both psychic and physical.
Remaining psychically sober and physically rooting deeply into ourselves will prevent us from falling prey to fantasies, disempowering thought structures and systems, and imprints that deplete our energy.
It is only in our own creative center that we can begin to empower ourselves.
To redirect our focus away from the external cause and turn into the root of the emotions deep within us will lead us back to a state of dignity and true self power.


Tantra guides us to look at where we are expending our emotions, for this expenditure is tied up to our spiritual, psychic and physical energy.

“If it is not the latest media outburst,
it might be the noisy neighbours, the roadworks,
a family member, or a work colleague
we may see as the reason for our emotional unrest.”

Tantra invites us to look beyond the cause of our unrest and seeks the root deep within ourselves. This will then reveal what is lacking and longing in us.
The cause alone creates nothing more than an effect or a stimulation which, if not traced back to its root, will leads us only to a chain of effects. If we delve into things too far away from root feelings we can end up far away from the real source of our power and become easily manipulable and affected by external expressions. The source of our spiritual power is at the root feelings that we all have in ourselves.

“If anything the spiritual path is the practice of listening to deeper layers and octaves of emotion, breath and sensation.”

The attraction of stepping into the fire of destruction and leaving the creative circle is a tendency to watch with a Tantric eye.
If we allow ourselves to release the cause and trace its origin back to the root within us, it will leads us to an awareness that can kick-start a process of self-healing. A process that will unroot disempowering structures and relinquish us back to our Shakti, to our original source of Power.


Tantra recognises that we might become overly pessimistic about a given event. We might use any situation to project upon it our unfaced feelings.
Then again we might be equally distracted from ourselves by following an optimistic approach, proposing to see an event as an opportunity to dream of a different reality.
Tantrics propose that this is nothing more than another form of escaping from going within and facing in oneself that which is buried deep inside the spirit, beyond the volatile sentiments of negative and positive, of pessimism and optimism.
Healing & Empowerment will emerge only when we truly start listening to what is deeply buried within, then the nature & essence of all things will reveal themselves to us.


There are many tools and practices available within the Tantric line to help us root into our centre.
The Tantric system offers many opportunities to visit and heal the complex inner landscapes and the many characters and spirits that populate it.

“If stepping outside is no longer possible,
then we can choose to move inwardly.”

Tantra reminds and shows us through its application how, healing our inner world inevitably leads to the healing of the outer world that is reflected in many aspects of our lives and relationships.
A bridge is therefore create between these seemingly separate realities, and the Equinox with its equal hours of day and night gifts us with the opportunity to venture towards balance.

This is, possibly, the only real opportunity the current situations is offering us. To perhaps stop the old clockwork reaction
through insight and self-study, to stay on a path of deep travel to oneself. To hear that which we might forget to listen to in the midst of all the noise.

We invite you to make time this evening for a short practice that aims at reconnecting one to their inner fire and ground into one’s inner reality.

For those who are physically challenged you may like to listen to a short lead meditation as a way to access the centre of your emotions.


Booonath & Kim
Working with the Shadow

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