Saturnian themes of restriction have played out en masse in the events we have all faced in recent times. Feeling stifled by the events of our inner and outer lives can leave us with a sense of struggling against the weight of constricting forces. In such a constellation we are made to face our deepest Karmic themes.

Sometimes on the path of life, we lose things of value to us, losing things we hold dear and love is part of the Saturnian journey towards deeper understanding and experience.

Shuni is Saturn and he is the king of the planets. He makes us face the unresolved Karmas. He is considered a grandly malefic planet that raises suffering. Shani brings about deep healing by his addressing of the roots of the situation.

He is the ruler of Tantric practices
and his gaze is ever looking down 
to the roots of things.

Shuni is the celestial dentist that pulls the rotten tooth. It is not a pleasant affair, but it is necessary to go on living healthily.

Shuni is the grand sober reality. His flight spans the infinitely numerous psychic matrices that impress upon reality.

If we hold to the past, we lose the focus of where we are now. Letting go of the past is no easy trick of the mind. It requires a journey of releasing ourselves from the grip of the Karma that holds us, and which we are at the same time holding.

Extracting a diaphanous silken sheet strewn into a bed of thorny rises is a delicate affair. Saturn reminds us that sheet of the soul can’t be yanked free in one fell swoop. 

Wanting the highest reward with the least effort is something that Saturn laughs at. Tantric work with Saturn shows us the places where we wallow. We are shown these swamps of the soul by Saturn putting us in the perspective of facing them head on. The path out is often the path in. Tantric work with Saturn makes us face our deepest themes. It makes us look at what is not usually looked at. It brings the unseen to sight.

Sometimes our paths diverge from things that are hard to release. Sometimes we never learn about the power of release. Release oftentimes, might be thought of as cutting something off, but in truth nothing can so simply be cut away and disposed of.

Saturn carries a paradoxical teaching that shows us that, that which we wish to cut off and avoid is a magical doorway to wisdom.

Digits and Time

Saturn is the lord of time and rhythmic intelligence, as such his digits ought to be spelled out clearly. He moves slowly, steadily and deeply through the constellations of the Zodiac. Of the 9 planets of the Yogins, Saturn is the most time honouring, taking 3 decades to move through the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Spending a period of almost 3 years in each constellation.

At the present time, Saturn is landed in his natural constellation of Power in Makara Rashi, which is the ancient constellation of the Crocodile. Saturn rules the book of disciplined study. Learning and retaining what we learn is in his grip. Saturn is careful and precise in measurement. He has a unblinking eye that ever rests upon the flame of our life.

His hand ever rests on the dark side of the Moon, knowing the exact time of extinguishing the flame.
Saturn sees through the games of chance that we lay upon his table. He is all about absolute certainties and stone cold reality. The gambles and the games we play to avoid his glare, only bring him closer and make him heavier. The Tantrics know him as Shuni, which translates as the heavy crusher.
He sees every single movement we make within the realms of time that belong to him.

Birth of the Unconscious

Taking the form of a dark intense man who rides upon Crow, Shuni is overbearing, majestic, mysteriously and fearsomely punishing and spellbinding. Shuni brings birth to that which is yet unconscious. He stirs the Dormant life in us to reveal itself.

The Crow can eat anything. Feared perhaps for its mystical aura and forboding countenance that reminds us of the underworld and the deep.  

This messenger of Saturn fears not to put it’s beak into the most forbidden and denied of things. The Crow of Saturn will peck as easily into a sweet toffee, as it will into the most stagnantly putrid and feared realms of existence.

The crow of Saturn has the ability to bring the dormant to wakefulness, by drawing that which sleeps from out of the old cot.

Anubis and the Heart

Saturn is power of the heart. The deep rich and heavy matured solidity of the heart is worth more than its weight in Gold. Weight has value. If something has weight, it has substance, depth and reality. 

The light and wispy life loses root and risks to dry up into an empty husk. Saturn, brings the nourishing weight of the grain that we should be harvesting if we are to avoid spiritual malnourishment. These words are hard, but Saturn is even harder. He is the weight that makes the Diamond.

The Egyptian mysteries tell of the Jackal headed god Anubis. Anubis also takes the form of an obsidianly black coloured dog. It is Anubis who is said to take the soul to the realm beyond life, when the candle of earthly life has been extinguished.

Anubis is the keeper of the scales of truth, just like Saturn, the scales that Anubis guards, reveal the truth and reality of the state of the heart.

In the hall of truth, the heart is revealed and seen naked, it is revealed to be either an empty husk, or a receptacle full of love. It all depends upon whether the heart has scattered itself in restless superficial fancies, or whether it has learned the deepest Saturn lessons of love.

Tantrics have tied themselves the deepest depths of the Saturn heart, by remaining in one place of timelessness for long stretches of time.

In the realm that Anubis carries the soul too after death, the heart is weighed for its true worth upon the Saturnian Karmic scales of Justice.

If the heart is light, empty and superficial, it outweighs the feather of Maat, this is the feather of truth. 

If on the other hand, the heart is full of weighted power and Saturnian depth, then it balances with the feather and reveals the power of the balanced wings of love, that can fly to the deepest depths of loves roots, as well as to sweetest fruit in celestial heights. 

The sweetest fruit and the deepest root can’t be separated. It is a spiritual law of nature in all the worlds. These laws belong to Saturn. He is the elder and teacher, who enduringly teaches the timeless laws.The Ancestral Journey  of the Crow.

The dark Moon each month is a time of ancestral healing work for Tantrics.It is the time when the veil that hovers over the portal between the ancestral and earthy plane is at its thinnest. The dark moon vortex draws us up to the ancestral world and reveals the tendencies of our heritage that live within us.
Shuni Amvasya then, becomes a time of revealing the most unconscious ancestral tendencies within us. Shuni is the lord of Karma who ever gazes down, his downward gaze reminds us that he sees into the deep roots of unconscious tendencies.This is a night of discovering the ancestral tendencies that move us from behind the scenes. 

Shuni is the planet Saturn, the dark slow crusher. He teaches us by bringing us to face limitation. He constricts habitual patterns and reveals the escape-routes we employ to evade reality. Shuni is reality.

He guides us into the basement of the soul.
Tantra regards Shuni as the master of all the planets because he brings us to face all our yet unresolved issues and Karmic lessons.

Shuni teaches by the force of weight, taking us with his weight into the depths of the unseen side of reality. He brings us to face reality without the trimmings or pleasant and distracting escape routes from the truth of the human condition.

If truth be told: 

‘Shuni is truth’

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