Reclaim your Power!

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Reclaim your Power

Tantra Yoga Retreat (and more...)

29 December – 02 January

Montescudaio | TUSCANY

Celebrate the coming of the New Year
with a 5 day, full-immersion retreat in Tantra Yoga
& other energy-based practices
in sublime Tuscany.

Experience the healing powers of Yoga
in its original tantric form & learn the key principles of energy work
to help you relate with yourself, others & the world around you
in a more balanced, centred & compassionate way.
You will leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered.
This is our promise!

All that is needed to partake in this healing circle is…


Celebrating Life
through Magic & Community

Tantra Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Sound Journeying,
practices in Nature & Vegan living

Over the course of these 5 days you will partake in the co-creation of a safe space where to gather in celebration, learn & experiment with a rich array of techniques, practices and body-based exercises. You will discover ways to awaken from a condition of unconscious patterns of reaction & begin exploring conscious ways of relating to the inner & outer worlds with agency & self-determination. The objective being that of reclaiming back your power by becoming conscious of the ways in which you …


Through a combination of body, breath & sound work you will be invited to step into a world of magic where the laws that govern our everyday world do not apply, and where you can experiment with the feeling of being free to dare to…


Yoga, when rooted in its original tantric form, can take us to places within ourselves we didn’t know existed, and leads us to states of being we couldn’t imagine possible. It takes us beyond the person we have always identified with & brings us face to face with the person we really are, could & want to be.

Through Qi Gong, and the other energy-based practices you will experience as part of this gathering, you will learn to feel your energy & to work with it, discovering empowering ways to shift your physical & mental states in a matter of minutes, even.

You will also learn about nutrition & how to prepare balanced meals to support your spiritual practice as we come together each day to co-create delicious & nutritionally balanced vegan meals for each other and in support of the energy practices. It will be a time of


  • Kim loves spending time in nature


Surrendering as the path to Victory

This celebratory & healing gathering will follow

N O F I X E D S C H E D U L E 

That’s right! Each day will unfold on the basis of what is needed, it will be, therefore, unique & tailor-made to suit your personal needs and those of the group as a whole. We will follow a collective culture of care, respecting periods of silence and personal boundaries. Working without a fixed schedule will require trust in the process and the will to surrender the (false) need to control. This represents the first step to liberation & transformation.

Deep transformative work
does not have to be hard work.

Great change and healing comes when we relax into the flow of things and simply allow ourselves to be guided by wisdom of the body and surrender to the subtle energies that want to work through us. Passivity, Tantra teaches us, can be the best approach to achieving the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

The day will unfold organically, in accordance with the group’s own flow, intertwining moments of sharing with Tantra Yoga practices, Qi-Gong exercises, sound journeys, and a variety of meditation techniques, which you will learn to master and take home with you to continue your healing journey of self-discovery. There will be morning, afternoon and evening practices, but don’t worry, there will also be free-time for you to enjoy the surroundings.

Weather permitting, some of the practices will take place outdoors, including by the beautiful waterfalls in the nearby regional park of Monterufoli-Caselli.

Over the course of each day,
you can expect to spend time…


learning the basics of meditation & how to integrated it
into your daily life through a variety of creative techniques.

Practicing Yoga
in its original tantric form

which we will intertwine with other energy work,
like Qi Gongshadow work and sound journeying.

Spending time in nature

& with nature, exchanging energy with trees
and learning to embody their wisdom.

Sharing & Listening 

through moments of collective story-telling
round the table or by the fire

Cooking & Eating 

Delicious organic vegan food!
By helping with the preparation of the meals,
you will learn the basics of vegan cooking
& take away with you mouthwatering recipes
to replicate at home.



This retreat is for anyone interested in working on themselves & getting to know themselves better through a gentle yet powerful approach drawing on a variety of energy practices. 

No previous experience or knowledge of any of the disciplines & systems proposed is required to partake.
Experienced practitioners and first-comers are both welcome to join this circle. It will be a co-creative process for everyone has gifts to take to the table, perhaps unknown yet to themselves.

The retreat is open to anyone comfortable with being in a diverse group of people from all walks of life.

During our time together you will be cared for with much love and, under the guidance of the teacher and through the flow of the process, you will take an active role in participating in the co-creation of this transformative gathering.

If you have physical and mental conditions, which may require special assistance, please get in touch to make sure that we, and the venue, are suitable to meet your needs.
Similarly, if you are taking medication, make sure to let us know about it when making your inquiry, as this will help us better understand how to tailor the experience for you.



Kim is an investigative researcher and writer, a promoter of anti-specism and a facilitator of Deep Ecology processes who has been on the pathless path of Yoga & meditation for the past 20 years. His focus, both in his investigative work & yoga practice has always been Power & the ways in which it unconsciously governs our lives by operating in the shadows, both within our inner and outer worlds.
Kim discovered Yoga & Vipassana meditation in the early 2000s, during a trip around South East Asia, and he has practised Yoga with many teachers from several modern styles of Yoga (including Iyengar, Astanga, Vinasa, Bikram, Sivananda, Scaravelli, Kundalini, Jivamukti). In 2012, through a Queer Yoga collective Kim set-up in a deprived neighborhood in Berlin, he was introduced and then initiated by an Indian Siddha yogi into a very different & untainted lineage of Yoga rooted in India’s Tantric and Shamanic wisdom. This meeting, and the following 8 years of intense training, revolutionised Kim’s understanding of the nature & applications of Yoga & its profound relevance to the study of Power.
Between 2013 and 2015 Kim moved onto an organic estate in Oxfordshire, UK, where he was part of a nascent radical eco-community and, in which, he began running Deep Ecology workshops & yoga retreats. He collaborated with one of the founding figures of the Deep Ecology movement, the American philosopher Joanna Macy.
Kim now runs workshops and retreats in Tuscany, where he presently lives. He incorporates and intertwines elements of Queer theory, Deep Ecology, Tantric Yoga, Qi Gong and Vipassana meditation in the gatherings he runs with the objective of leading participants to reconnect with Nature, and their nature, through text, sound, movement, breath, and a heart-to-heart connection with the subtle spheres of the natural world. Kim is very active on animal rights and regularly appears on the news in defence of animals.


Quintessential Tuscany


Perched on the rolling green hills of the Val di Cecina, close to Tuscany’s largest regional park, and at the heart of the Etruscan Coast, where many UNESCO world heritage sites can be found, the world renowned medieval village of Montescudaio lies just 20 km away from secluded beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, making it an ideal location both for mountain and beach lovers. International guests can easily reach Montescudaio by flying into Pisa airport. Alternatively nearby airports include Florence, Bologna and Rome. Both Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Pisa, Bologna or Rome. From any of these airports it is possible to take a train to Cecina, the closest station to the venue. Pick-ups from Cecina station can be organised at a small cost. Accommodation wise, you will lodge in a beautiful renovated 18th century ‘palazzo’ in the centre of Montescudaio. Accommodation includes single and twin room bedrooms, all with their own en suite bathroom. One-bedroom private apartments are also available, for those looking for a more private experience. Check out the location: Lo Scudaio


The retreat will be 100% vegan & gluten-free. Veganism is Healing in the Willows‘ understanding of one of the contemporary ways we can apply the yogic concept of Ahimsa (often translated simplistically as “non-violence”), the first observance on the path of Yoga. All the food on the retreat is organic, seasonal and sourced as locally as possible.
Meals will be prepared collectively as part of the process of taking care of each other and with a view of learning the secrets, principles and science of veganism, as well as to create a diet specific to our personal needs. We will explore the connection between veganism and yoga not just from a theoretical point of view, but also from a dietary perspective, learning how food can be part of our yoga practice and either facilitate it or hinder it. We will learn the basics of a sattvic yogic diet and the multiple benefits of Kitcheri, a powerful detoxifier both for the body and the spirit. You will leave the retreat feeling healthier and more empowered, and with a set of great, easy recipes that will keep your mouth watering well after the retreat is over!


Early Bird Discount

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was €450.oo


Option 1.

€ 240.oo

was €270
Price per person (4 nights stay).
Two people sharing two single beds.
Option 2.

€ 360.oo

was €400.oo
4 nights' stay.
One person in double bed.
Option 3.

€ 560.oo

was €625
4 night's stay.
One person in one bedroom apartment.
For double occupancy please inquire.

If you cannot find affordable flights for the dates of the retreat,
look for the cheapest flights closer to the retreat’s dates and consider arriving early or extending your stay
and visit the nearby cities of Siena, Pisa, or Florence.
Get in touch for more details!


If you would like to join the retreat
or if you would like to receive more information about the event,
email us at
or call us on +39 3298456532

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