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2021 | Tantric Rituals.

Through the ONLINE healing circles you will partake in Tantric rituals withing the comfort of your own home. The rituals are recorded and, should you not be able to make it for the live practice, you may still access the recording. The rituals follow the Tantric calendar, which honours the cycles of the Moon and the rhythms of Nature. Depending on the ritual, classes can last between 2 & 4 hours, and may be followed with home meditations available to those wishing to go deeper into this line of Tantra and Yoga lineage. In line with the traditional tantric approach, many of the rituals are clustered into series addressing specific themes (such as Anger, Fear, Fertility, Desire, etc).

06 January | Descending Half Moon

BHAIRAV ASTAMI | The ways in which we waste our Lives

Bhaivar Astami is a time in which to study the deep dark layers of oneself, shedding the outer layers like a snake, to reach the mysteries beyond the threshold of time. Read More…

13 January | New Moon

LOHRI | The Return of the Light

Part 1 of 3 | Nurture & Compassion Series

This series will be all about honouring the beginnings of this cycle of nature that is climbing with the New Year year we are in. Lohri reveals how modernity can swallow magic and erode powerful necessary rights of passage, necessary if we are to align to the Wisdom of Nature. Lohri is a pagan Goddess that stands between the thresholds of Darkness and Light. This is an ancient Indian pagan ritual festival that is celebrated on the first dark Moon of the ascending year and reveals to us the extreme polarities in which we live our daily lives. Read More…

20 & 28 January | Half Ascending Moon & Full Moon

SHAKAMBHARI | Nurturing the Inner Spiritual Garden

Part 2 & 3 of 3 | Nurture & Compassion Series

Shakambhari is the great nourishing Goddess of Compassion. Her name translates as ‘the bringer of vegetation’. She is twilight blue in colour and she brings the gift of herbs, fruits and vegetables to Earth. She is the revealer of nourishment and growth. She is the great mother of nurture who brings magical solace to the garden of our Soul. Read More…

11 February | New Moon

MAUNI AMVASYA | The Power of Sound & Silence

Part 1 of 4 | Teachers of Wisdom Series

This series will be of interest to all those who venture to find the inner Guru and to understand the role of the Teacher in Tantric wisdom. The series will open with this ancient ritual day in the Tantric calendar known as Mauni Amvasya (Dark Moon of Silence). It is a time of discovering the power of speech, sound and silence… It is a night of sacred silence that is kept by the Tantrics in silent ritual still today. Read More…

15 February | Chaturti Moon

GANESH JAYANTI | Roots & Foundations

Part 1 of 5 | Animal Series (Elephant Power - Earth Element)

This series is concerned with working with Animal Powers, the Elements and the Chakras. Tantric wisdom recognises that different creatures all have their own particular expression and power that can be a benefactory element upon our path. This first ritual night is concerned with establishing foundations.This Jayanti day is the annually celebrated ‘birthday’ of the Elephant headed God Ganesh. He is the Earth deity that guards the doorway of manifest grounded power. Read More…

20 February | Ascending Half Moon


Part 2 of 5 | Animal Series (Crocodile Power - Water Element)

The second ritual in this series is dedicated to Khodiyar Maa. Khodiyar Maa is linked to the womb and to childbirth, and the marriage between the base and sexual Chakras. She is a Goddess who shows us how to unite the energies of Earth and Water – first and second Chakra themes are her speciality. Working with her ritualistically, can help those wishing to conceive a child. Khodiyar Maa is a powerful Matriarch to those who have interest to work with the sexual energy and its healing. Read More…

27 February | Full Moon

LALITA JAYANTI | Simplicity, Beauty beyond Drama

Part 2 of 10 | Dasha Mahavidya Series

This second celebration of the Tantric Dasha Mahavidyas is dedicated to the Goddess Lalita. Lalita’s cooling Lunar fire offers us a receptive, comforting place in which to cool down into the very simple and innocent sweetness, perhaps forgotten and secret in today’s modern, busy world. Lalita’s mantras, which we shall practice on this ritual, are soothing. They are cooling and softening, as to melt into the magical corners of our being. Read More…

05 March

BHAIRAV | The 8 Directions of Time

Part 1 of 5 | The Lord of Time Series

This night’s ritual will be an investigation into sensing the polarities and magnetism of the 8 directions in Space. We will invoke Kaal Bhairav in his eight forms as we create a circular ritual of spinning force. Kaal Bhairav is known to have 8 forms, each of which rules 1 of the 8 directions. The octagonal practice of honouring the 8 directions is a Chakra-based practice of turning around and tuning into the 8 forces and forms of Kaal Bhairav. Read More…

11 March

MAHA SHIVARATRI | The Sacred Embrace

Part 2 of 4 | Teachers of Wisdom Series

The Teacher of Wisdom Series continues with the third ritual dedicated to the great teacher of the Yogins: Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is the uniting of Shiva and Shakti. This night is a night of the secret wisdom that is born of their embrace. Shivaratri is the celebration and honouring of the very roots and foundation of Wisdom. This ritual night will be an investigation into the original wisdom of the soul that gets eclipsed by other forces, though those other forces are an important part of our lives, they are no replacement for the foundation of being. Read More…

20 March

SPRING EQUINOX | The Androgeneity of Inner Balance

The Spring Equinox is an annual cosmological event when the day and the night are of equal length. The words Balance and Transition sum up the Equinox. The Spring Equinox will shift the poles and the days will thereafter begin to be longer than the nights. This night’s ritual will be a healing voyage into the art of balance. Contacting the balance of our inner woman and man with the assistance of the alchemical healing formulas of Tantra will be the occupation of this evening’s ritual Tantric Hatha Yog practice. Read More…

28 March | Full Moon

HOLI | The Colours of Love

The festival of Holi has become known worldwide as the celebration of life and colour, when people throw colored powder on each other. But what does this fun filled festivity of playful games signify for Tantrics? What are the origins of this festivity? Tantric ritual traditionally has kept this Holi night for the practice of inner and outer colour and sound. The intonations of each Chakra along with inner and outer work with colours is ritualised in a colourful and enlivening practice of awakening to Life and Love. The effect of these practices is to open the potentialities of the Chakras. Read More…

04 April | Descending Half Moon

WAY OF THE DOG | Inner Shadow Work

Part 2 of 5 | The Lord of Time Series

Kaal Bhairav rides upon the Black dog. The dog is a creature that sees into the spirit world and the realm of the dead. Bhairav is commonly called the God of Death. He holds the Kankala Danda, which is the skeleton stick of Time through which he measures our lives until we sail on our next adventure: Death. On this ritual night we will be working with the black dog spirit. The dog is a clairvoyant creature that sees through the veil between life and death. When we work with the Dog of Bhairav we work both with the dog and with its shadow – these take the form of inner mudras (Antar Mudra) that lead us towards our clairvoyant powers. Read More…

12 April | Dark Moon

BLOOD, SEX & DEATH - Somavati Amvasya

In this ritual we will work with darkness & silvery lunar light. Taking a journey through Blood, Sex & Death: Blood is Kali Ma; Sex is Kamakya; Kala is Death. These are the three Tantric forces that sit in the deep underworld within us. They are the forces at the root of our power, ‘or lack of it‘. This is a psychic and physical Tantra, Mudra, Mantra ritual, that is about addressing and healing the flow of the primal powers in us. When the 3 fluids are in balance the Kundalini awakens. Tantrics depict Kundalini Shakti as the Queen Snake. Living beyond the boundaries of time and space. Beyond our known conventions. Where the hidden and out-of-sight is given a welcome into the arms of Life and Death on Earth. Read More…

21 April | Half Moon

TARA JAYANTI - The Witch's Elixir

Part 3 of 10 | Dasha Mahavidya Series

Tara is a frightening Goddess to behold, she appears only at night, like her name, which means ‘Star’, implies.
She is the wisdom of converting poison into medicine. When the mighty Shiva suffers great turmoil for drinking the Halahala poison, Tara fed Shiva from her breast and healed him out of maternal compassion – which she offers to the corageous. On this ritual we shall investigate pleasure and pain and apply her mudras.
Tara’s mudras are challenging physical and psychic maneuvers. They can reach into far off places in our being and help in melting the most tenacious of Granthi’s (psychophysical knots).
Read More

27 April | Full Moon

HANUMAN JAYANTI | The Yogic Power of the Breath

Part 3 of 5 | Animal Series (Monkey Power - Air Element)

This ritual day will be Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman is the god of Monkey form who represents the Air element, in fact he is the child of Vayu (god of the wind). His ritual is concerned with establishing rhythm and smooth and seamless flight to the quality of the air element. The air element rules the mental body in yogic anatomy, by working with concentration and the practices of wind we can come to smoothen out both psychic and physical creases. Read More…

09 May

TANTRA & THE GODDESS - A Free Introductory Ritual

Part of the Dasha Mahavidya Series

On Sunday the 9th of May, we shall gather in ritual to prepare the ground for the month before us, that the Tantric calendar dedicates to 4 of the Mahavidya goddesses of feminine wisdom. On this Free Ritual night we will spend two hours moving through four of faces of the feminine, from Matangi, the outcast woman, to Bagalamukhi, the teacher of sacred sound, to Chinnamaste, the wild one of bloodthirsty lust, concluding with the ancient smokey crone known as Dhumavati. Regular students, beginners and newcomers are welcome to join us in ritual. Read more…

15 May

MATANGI JAYANTI - The Unedible Soul

Part 4 of 10 | Dasha Mahavidya Series

Matangi is the Goddess who is most pleased when we offer her the parts of our Soul that are no longer edible.
Those parts of us that are old and rotting and are offered to Matangi on this Ritual night.If we have habits that are standing in the way of our progress and polluting our lives Matangi is the Goddess to approach. She is the outcast Goddess worshiped with leftovers. Matangi worship goes deep into inner taboos and denied and swept aside aspects of our soul
On this ritual we shall meet to feed her from the scraps that might be rotting inside us.
Read More

20 May - Ascending Half Moon

BAGALAMUKHI JAYANTI - Gold from the Swamp

Part 5 of 10 | Dasha Mahavidya Series

Bagalamukhi is the Goddess force that draws the gold out of the swamp of habitual murky dwelling.
When we see the Goddess Bagalamukhi in pictures, she is portrayed as pulling out the tongue of a ghoulish looking little man with bulging eyes. Upon this Half Waxing ritual night, we shall approach Bagalamukhi with the prayer of receiving Kechari Vidya (wisdom of speech). This is a ritual of working with the solar forces as mirrored in the rising half moon. Studying the impact of our active words, not only the spoken words, but also the words that resound and colour our innermost being and impact the course of the events in our outter life.
Read More

25 May


Part 6 of 10 | Dasha Mahavidya Series

Chinnamasta is a Goddess of sexual energy flow. Study of Chinnamasta teaches us about sexual energy and it’s three fold nature. Chinnamasta is a nourishing Goddess. She nourishes the three channels of the spine, known as Ida, Pingala and Sushumna: the active, passive channels, and the balancing power between the two is what Chinnamasta nourishes us with. She nourishes these three aspects by three distinct forms of desire. Chinnamasta represents the work of the Kundalini channel with its threefold movement of energy.
Read More

10 June

SHUNI JAYANTI - The Glare of Saturn

Getting the vision of the Shadow world is the beginning of the path of Tantra. And that, the integration and work with the Shadow, is the living of Tantra. Whether it is a ritual, Mantra, or specific austerity (tapasya), the main focus of Saturn-related pursuits is that they are such, as to bring an awareness of that which we do not see. The Hatha Yog practices of Mudra and Mantra that raise the unconscious forces will be undertaken at this particularly favourable Dark-Moon junction of Shuni Jayanti. The inner and outer Crow Mudras and The Chaya Karana practices of the Shadow will be particularly emphasised. Read More

18 June | Ascending Half Moon


Part 7 of 10 | Dasha Mahavidya Series

Dhumavati is the intensely ugly Widow Goddess, bitter, barren and bereft of Beauty.
Her nose is beaklike, her countenance inspires disgust. Dhumavati has no peer and is distinct among Goddesses as having no opposite. She is a Shakti that is self contained and stands alone. She is the grand Widow. She holds the deep wisdom of age and loss. She is an elder Goddess, regarded as the elder form of Kali. She holds the secrets hidden by the smoke of time. Dhumavati teaches us of the wise acknowledgment of that which we have lost over the span of our lives.
If something is lost or dies, it is often a cause for lament. But it also holds the seed of rebirth of another mode of being.
Read More

22-23-24 June | Full Moon Ritual

KAMAKHYA PUJA - The Bleeding Goddess

Kamakhya Puja is a ritual time for honouring the dark internal space of the womb, proceeding the solstice the nights start lengthening and nature starts to make her descent into the womb. This ritual day is a time for internalising and addressing all problems related to menstruation, the completion of a Kamakhya ritual ensures reproductive and sexual health on physical and karmic energetic levels. Singing the Kamakhya mantra over the course of the ritual time can ensure childbirth to the childless and bring power to the powerless. Read More

10 July | Dark Moon

SHUNI AMVASYA | Journey with the Ancestors

Part 1 of 4 | Moons of Saturn Series

The first Tantric healing ritual of Saturn, will be take place on Saturday the 10th of July. This day is honoured by Tantric’s as Shuni Amvasya. A Dark Moon falling on a Saturday is a rare occurrence and is Sacred to the Saturnian lord of Karma. It is known as Shani Amvasya, which means the Dark Moon of Saturn. The dark Moon is considered to be the day of birth of Shuni, and Saturday is the day of the week that is dedicated to him. And so, Shuni Amvasya is an once or twice annual occurrence where the Saturn force is honoured ritualisticly by Tantric’s. This is a Night of working with the deep ancestral imprints that we carry in the Saturnian depths. Read More…

17 July | Ascending Half Moon

ALCHEMICAL MOON | The Poison & the Elixir

Part 2 of 4 | Moons of Saturn Series

On this evening, we shall continue upon the Saturnian journey and travel to the place where darkness and light meet in harmonious equilibrial balance. The Moon on this night rises out of its dark phase, and this will guide the ritual. This will be reflected in the work of bringing the dark Saturnian world into into view. The heavy oppressive energies of existence can’t be denied, and they ought not to be denied if we are to travel the path of healing. The poison is a medicine depending on how it is taken. The medicine becomes also a poison if taken out of measure. On this nights ritual, we shall meet the balanced measure of poison and medicine. Read More…

24 July | Full Moon

GURU PURNIMA | Honouring the Teachers

Part 3 of 4 | Moons of Saturn Series
Part 3 of 4 | Teacher of Tantric Wisdom Series

This ritual night has been reserved since aeons to give honour not only to the personalities of one’s teachers, but also to the principle of devotion and effort that the teacher represents. The Guru is the inner quality that we all possess. The quality of attention to detail and unwavering voyage into the depths of a single subject. This effort to surpass oneself and attain the hights of wisdoms is said to come from the Guru Tatva. Tatva can be translated as ‘element’. Upon this day the astral forces are strong for setting the Guru Tatva within us into motion. Read More…

31 July | Descending Half Moon

WAY OF THE CROW | Outer Shadow Practice

Part 4 of 4 | Moons of Saturn Series
Part 3 of 4 | Lord of Time Series

The crow, which always follows Kaal Bhairav, is a sacred magical creature that reveals the secrets of the unseen. Many cultures upon earth have honoured the crow as a guardian of thresholds. The crow is the grand Guru of the unseen; unknown and unknowable. When we approach the Crow, we do not seek to make the unknown known, but to approach it as it is. The unknowable is the wellspring of magic. It is the heartbeat of the left-hand path of Tantra. On this ritual night we well perch beneath his wings and further work with the Chaya Karana (Shadow) practices of this yogic line of Tantra. We will work with the Bhar Chaya (outer shadow) mudras. We will investigate The Gupt (secret or hidden) mudras of working with the Shadow. Read More…

07 August

DARK MOON OF RUDRA | Working with Rage

The Moon on this night is in the Nakshatra (lunar house) that belongs to Rudra, the god of rage. Ardra Nakshatra is the star of the screaming storming god Rudra. His name means ‘the one who screams and howls’. Rudra is the raw force of Shiva. This will be a ritual of working with the screaming form of Shiva. The one the Tantrics call Rudra. We will be applying the Rudra Mudra of healing buried and frozen rage. It is to be remembered that rage is sacred power that can be knotted up in a corner of the soul. Rage is no demon to cast out and destroy. Rage is a sacred energy of life. Read More…

13 August

NAAGA PANCHAMI | Voyage into the Astral Planes

Part 4 of 5 | Animal Series (Snake Power - Akash Element)

Akash is the most subtle element of the 5 Panchbhoot elements and is linked to the junction from the Heart Chakra to the throat, the element Akash is connected to sound and rules the throat Chakra. The Naaga serpents are the underworld snakes of the ether of the astral plane. When we look at the representation of Shiva, we see that he has always a snake wrapped around his throat and standing erect. The symbol of Kundalini is explicit here. Read More…

22 August | Full Moon


Part 5 of 5 | Animal Series (Horse Power - Fire Element)

This is the annual festival of the Horse. Hayagriva is the horse god of the twilight wisdom twixt shadow and light. The story of Hayagriva tells of 2 horses, both called Hayagriva. One was the burning black horse that for Tantrics represents the solar plexus. The other horse was a light silver colored lunar horse that represents the third eye Chakra. In Tantric subtle anatomy, the opposite of the solar plexus chakra is indeed the third eye. Read More…

30 August | Waining Half Moon

KALI JAYANTI | The Dark Womb of the Goddess

Part 8 of 10 | The Dasha Mahavydia Series

There are many tales which tell of Kali’s indomitable nature. She often tries and succeeds in leading Shiva astray into further levels of crazed madness.
Wherever Kali Ma appears, there is discord, disorder and destruction. She destroys established order and structure.
The destruction that Kali Ma brings is the death of the known and the rigid structures that imprison the wild feminine.
She is the dark eclipsed feminine that lives in the dark shadows; she rules the places where secret life grows. She is the hidden power within the dark womb. Read More

06 September | Dark Moon


Part 1 of 3 | Ancestral Healing Series

The Dark Moon of September is an important yearly junction in the Tantric calendar. The New Moon of September is kept sacred by the tantrics for the ritual of Mata Puja – Mata meaning ‘mother’, and Puja meaning ‘ritual’. Mata Puja is a time of healing of the matrilineal line, that is why it is known as the Mothers’ Moon. Healing practices for resolving the Granthis (karmic knots) & karmic imprints pertaining to the mother’s ancestral line will be undertaken during the practice to free ourselves, and those who will follow, from carrying the weight of the past. Read More

13 September


Part 2 of 3 | Ancestral Healing Series

In this second installation of the Ancestral rituals of September, we meet with the energy between the Mother and the Child.This is the Tantric ritual Moon of the Child. In accord with the Tantric astro calendar, the half waxing Moon of the Child is the Moon of harvest, ripeness and fruit, the child is the fruit of the ancestral tree. The half waxing Moon is just like the child in its expanding, awakening and growing energy. Sometimes, we do not grow though. Sometimes the experiences of childhood can leave us disconnected from our body and emotions. Symptoms of suffering that arise in adulthood may be traced to the seeds of childhood experiences. Read More

18 September | Full Moon

BHUMESHVARI JAYANTI | The Manifest Universe

Part 9 of 10 | The Dasha Mahavydia Series

Bhumeshwari is the Shakti that generates the 5 elements (Panchabhoot) and brings them into harmony with each other. Work with Bhumeshvari is the work with the 5 elements. Physically it is a grounding work of manifestation of our spiritual powers into the garments of matter. It is a work of preparing the body to contain the voltage of Shakti. The right balance of elemental energies ensures health and harmony in our physical lives. Conversely, the imbalance of elemental spirits can manifest as all manner of disturbance in both the physical and psychic aspects of our lives. Tantra works on balancing the Panchabhoot, through different mantras and mudras that affect the different Panchbhoot energies directly – the focus of this online ritual. Read More

29 September | Half Descending Moon

PITRU PAKSHA | Father's Moon

Part 3 of 3 | Ancestral Healing Series

The spiritual voyage is an epic journey upon which the traveller becomes an empowered friend to all experiences, both dark and light. On this final part of our ancestral healing series, and under the auspices of the full moon, we will work with the strings that connect us to our male line of ancestors. Some strings may be knotted tangles that we find ourselves in, playing over the similar patterns of our male ancestors and parentage. In contrast, some may require our honouring to hear the precious melodies they emit when plucked like instruments. Read More


NAVARATRI | The 9 Nights of the Goddess

9 consecutive rituals dedicated to a sacred Tantric celebration

Navaratri is a time of honouring Woman and performing Graha Shanti. Graha Shanti is the Yogic practice of balancing the planetary energies within the heart, mind, body and soul. We will do this through a mixture of Tantric Yogic practices that pertain to each particular aspect of the 9 fold Goddess of eternity. These 9 Tantric planetary rituals work by aligning to subtle energies that nature presents at this astrologicaly aligned annual junction. We will align to the subtle astral forces through the intermediary of the 9 Goddesses of the night forces who are each embodiments of the planetary maneuvers that take place astrally at this time. The first 8 rituals will be 2 hour long. The final & conclusive ritual will be 3 hours long. It is possible to join all or any of the rituals. Read More

04 November | Dark Moon (Diwali)

KAMALA JAYANTI | Goddess of Love

Part 10 of 10 | The Dasha Mahavydia Series

She is the Woman of boundless beauty, Love and sensuality. She is the Woman of all Women that we can never take for granted. When she is taken for granted, she will be lost and only be there in form, but the elixir of Love will long be dead. Kamala Jayanti is the birthday of the Goddess of Love, yet it is more than just a celebration of her presence: it is also a recognition that she may be absent in our lives. When Kamala is absent, our energies can be poured away from Love and into things that have nothing to do with our immediate situation. In her absence we can waste our lives in loveless pursuits. Tantric practice concerns itself with these unconscious mechanisms on the path of Love. The Ritual of Kamala is the way of Heart. Love is grounded desire and Kamala is the Goddess of grounding desire into Love. Read More

27 November| Descending Half Moon

KANKALA DANDA | The Tantric Stick of Power

Part 4 of 5 | Lord of Time Series

This Half darkening Moon night is the annual Jayanti (birthday) of Kaal Bhairav. The Kankala Danda is the skeleton stick of Time with which Bhairav measures each beat of our Heart before we meet Death. Time is our creation, yet we in turn are created by Time, albeit being unaware. By undoing our creations, an unknown perspective on reality and on Life may reveal itself to us. The Kankala Danda is a deep study and in this ritual we will work with this stick through various mudras. Kankala Mudras involve a confrontation with Time. Time himself is actually always confronting us, though we might not be aware of it.
To hold the Kankala Danda is to know the power of Time – including its very illusion. Read More…

18 December | Full Moon

DATTA JAYANTI | Moving beyond Duality

Part 4 of 4 | Wisdom of Tantra Series

This ritual night is known as Datta Jayanti, It means the birthday of lord Dattatreya. He is the Guru of the Tantrics and the grand master of awareness and healing trance. This is a time honored night kept by Tantrics for strong ritual explorations of consciousness. Dattatreya is he who is full of compassion and fully Loving. He is so unified in all levels of being that there are no distinctions in his awareness. This is indeed a teaching of Wisdom for all humans. Dattatreya is the legendary Tantric who brings all things together. Read More…

19 December | Descending Half Moon

TIME, DEATH & FEAR | An Initiation to Tantra

Part 5 of 5 | Lord of Time Series

If Time is Death, Death raises Fear. Kaal Bhairav is Time, is Death, is Fear. In Fear there lies great potential to glimpse the secrets of Life and Death. By approaching and working with our fears on this ritual night we shall step into the magical realm of Kaal Bhairav. Fear and Death are great allies. Tantra works with these forces and regards them as doorways to the secrets of existence. Without Fear there is no power. When we banish Fear we banish Love itself, for Fear is a force that is healing and melting, if we allow it to approach us. It takes a special Magic to not grip and blink in the face of Fear. Read More…


Due to current global circumstances we wil not be running our regular retreats in Tuscany or our workshops across Europe for the forseable future. We will resume as soon as international travel will be allowed and health risks reduced. Until then we invite you to join our online classes.
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“To access our true power of who we are
is the place where the true essence of things will show itself to us.
This is, possibly, the only real opportunity
the current situations is offering us.
To perhaps stop the old clockwork reaction
through insight and self-study,
to stay on a path of deep travel to oneself.
To hear that which we might forget to listen to in the midst of noise.”


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